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REAL EVENTS eventos reales 16 Linda Novia Magazine | THE DUTIES OF YOUR MAIDS {The Maid of Honor} {Jr. Bridesmaid} One duty we all know that the maid of honor does is to stand closest to the bride at the wedding. We know she holds the bride's bouquet during the ceremony and signs the marriage license as a witness. But what else does a maid of honor do? Ultimately, the maid of honor is the bride's right hand person. She is there to assist with everything from attending bridal shows to helping the photographer locate Auntie Carmen for that must have family photo. The maid of honor can help address wedding invitations, make favors, or assist with any do it yourself projects. She accompanies the bride when it is time to go bridal gown shopping and shopping for the bridesmaid's dresses. The maid of honor along with the bridesmaids has the fun responsibility of planning the bridal shower and or bachlorette party. On the day of the wedding she is responsible for helping to keep the bride calm and relaxed, holding the groom's ring, adjusting the bride's train at the alter, and of course one very important duty of the maid of honor is to give the {The Bridesmaid} Your bridesmaids can have very similar responsibilities to your maid of honor. Especially if your maid of honor is living out of town or does not have a lot of available time due to her work schedule. Today, a lot of bridesmaids are stepping up to help the bride with everything from last minute shopping for supplies, making favors, picking up the brides accessories, and helping with do it yourself projects. Brides are planning "girl's days" where her female bridal attendants spend the day dress shopping, enjoying a relaxing lunch and bonding. The bridesmaids are getting together to help the bride in any way possible by addressing the wedding invitations or creating their own bridal bouquets. The bottom line is today's bridesmaids are more involved. They're not just there to look pretty while walking down the aisle and spending the day posing for hundreds of photographs. They want to be involved. They want to help make your wedding planning process exciting, fun, and enjoyable. One of the fun aspects of being a bridesmaid is helping the maid of honor decorate, plan, host and pay for the bridal shower. Bridesmaids are no longer guests at the pre-wedding parties but they are helping to make A junior bridesmaid is another person who adds that special touch to any wedding. She is the special girl in your life who is too old to be a flower girl but too young to be given the full title of bridesmaid. A junior bridesmaid is usually between the ages of 9 to 14 years of age. She can assist in some of the pre-wedding activities like making favors, assisting with stuffing envelopes and shopping for the bridesmaids dresses. Her dress should be similar but appropriate to the bridesmaid's dresses. The junior bridesmaid can attend pre-wedding events as long as they are appropriate for young children. She can assist the other bridesmaids at the bridal shower by helping to decorate, assisting with games, helping to keep track of which guests brought each present and helping to serve the guests. At the ceremony the junior bridesmaid can have responsibilities to help pass out the wedding programs along with the ushers or distribute bubbles, bird seeds, and petals to the guests. She participates in the processional and is included in the photography with the bridal party. Although having a junior bridesmaid is a very cute addition to any bridal party, don't stress by thinking you now must Your engagement has been announced. The wedding date has been set. Now it's time to select your maid of honor and bridesmaids! When selecting your bridal party make sure you ask for help or delegate responsibilities to your bridesmaids, because they are no longer just there for photo purposes but there to help alleviate your work and stress. BY WENDA EVANS COORDINATOR-MORE THAN JUST WEDDINGS…BY WENDA

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