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Page 46 of 51 45 POST JUNE 2015 SMALL TREE INTRODUCES TITANIUMZ NL OAKDALE, MN — Small Tree ( re- cently introduced its new TitaniumZ NL solution, created as an all-in-one, Ethernet-based, shared storage server for integrated backup storage for video and editing workflows. TitaniumZ NL is available in 16- to 72-drive configurations for over 432TBs of raw storage. Accord- ing to the company, the TitaniumZ NL offers perfor- mance, capacity and network connections that can scale dynamically, while also being a simple, powerful and affordable backup storage solution. TitaniumZ NL seamlessly integrates near-line storage while maintaining and preserving previous backup or video editing data. Utilizing ZFS technology, storage can be increased by adding an expansion chassis with same- size drives. Small Tree's customized operating system, ZenOS, uses the same GUI that operates TitaniumZ storage. The TitaniumZ NL can be managed from anywhere with an Internet connection. PRODUCTS: STORAGE IBM INTRO'S NEW ASPERA FILES SAAS PLATFORM ARMONK, NY — IBM announced the introduction of Aspera Files, a new SaaS platform by Aspera (www., an IBM company, that was demonstrated at the recent 2015 NAB Show in April. Aspera Files is intended to allow any organization, small to large, to establish a branded Web-based presence for the fast, easy and secure exchange and delivery of any size file-based media or data between end users across separate organizations, combining multiple storage platforms. Content can be stored and accessed in multiple cloud and on-premise storage systems, and sharing between users and trusted organizations is drag-and-drop regard- less of where the content is located. Built on Aspera FASP transport technol- ogy for distance-neutral transfer of large data over the Internet, the platform will offer an alternative to conventional file shar- ing, enabling high-speed access, delivery and ex- change of any size data, at distance, regardless of network conditions. JMR HELPS REMOVE THE CLUTTER WOODLAND HILLS, CA — VIP Productions, here, produces a range of products for our clients — from events and commercials to music videos. Ever since our launch, the clutter of hard drives has been a constant nightmare. We've had hard drives die without warning and although we back up all our footage many times, a lot of work has still been lost. Keeping all these hard drives organized between five to six different editors is almost impossible, as is trying to find a project from years ago. It was also one of our biggest expenses, buying new hard drives every time one filled up. After evaluating other solutions to help us improve our workflow, we selected the BlueSt- or networked storage server system from JMR Electronics ( They stepped in to offer a high-performance, shared storage, and cost-affordable solution to our multi-user di- lemma. Their solution, powered by euroNAS OS, allows our team to simultaneously access their server in realtime to perform the editing and finishing tasks that were previously impossible. The JMR BlueStor server is priced substan- tially below other enterprise-class offerings, is available in storage capacities up to 96TBs in a single 3U shelf, and can scale to 672TBs with a single head unit. And it does not require meta- data controllers. Now, all of our projects are kept in one loca- tion that is RAID protected, backed up contin- uously, and fully functional for every computer without lag. We never have to worry about keeping hundreds of different hard drives in the office secure. We put them in storage now and our new server is kept safely locked in the back of the office; with the added benefit of permis- sions for different users, we can choose who can add or delete content. — BY HAROLD ERKINS CO-FOUNDER, V.I.P. PRODUCTIONS AVID NAMES ALT SYSTEMS ELITE SOLUTIONS PARTNER SUN VALLEY, CA — Avid (www.avid. com) has appointed Alt Systems (www. an Avid Elite Solutions Provider. In addition to the full suite of Avid's software technologies, Alt Sys- tems will offer Avid ISIS, the realtime, shared media storage solution for con- tent creators. "We're constantly growing the cre- ative solutions that we offer, and Avid's innovative and collaborative portfolio of products is a natural fit for our expand- ing customer base," says Jon Guess, president of Alt Systems. Founded in 1995, Alt Systems is a Los Angeles-based systems integrator and workflow solutions provider, offering compositing, rendering, editing, color correction, digital intermediate, large format film recording, networking, and storage options to the post production and visual effects industry.

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