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Helping to shape the sound of the film, and not just having to fulfill someone else's creative vision, is why working on an indie film is a rewarding experience for audio post pros. Collaboration and communication within a small group allows for the best sound possible in a short amount of time. For these audio pros, shorter schedules and smaller budgets create a positive challenge that they meet with gusto. Keeping the quality up even when the budgets are down. By Jennifer Walden IN THE LAND OF BLOOD AND HONEY Becky Sullivan is a supervising sound editor at Soundelux ( in Hollywood. She recently worked with first-time director Angelina Jolie on the independent film, In the Land of Blood and Honey. The film premiered in Los Angeles and New York on December 2011. For Sullivan, working with a first-time director gives her the opportunity to show what sound can do. Being able to add different emotions, feelings and textures through sound can be a new experi- ence for directors. For In the Land of Blood and Honey, manipulating ambiences and background sounds was an integral Audiofor Indies part of shaping the tone and mood of the room in which the main character spends most of her time. "The lead character, Ajla, is taken prisoner, and she is taken to a room," explains Sullivan. "The film takes place mostly in that room. In the beginning, the room is cold and scary, and she's scared. You have to have it be frightening. Then, as she falls in love with her captor, and she's safe, the room tones become warm. We had to subtly show the audience what her emotion is in her room. So we had to gradually create warm tones in the room. The fear factors of men outside in the hallways and men outside in the yards that are around this room are slowly removed. It was about keeping the threat away. At first the threat is high, then, as we go through the story, the threat goes away a little bit. We were constantly switching background ambiences in the room. There are all these uncertain emotions throughout the film, so I tried to use ambiences, backgrounds, and the things around her to help with that sense of who 36 Post • January 2012

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