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Page 56 of 62 | Spring 2015 | SAG-AFTRA 55 Gary Owens 2/12/15 Gerard Phillips 8/29/14 Woody Pittman 10/24/14 Greg Plitt 1/17/15 Vern Porter 1/4/15 Bette Rae 5/27/13 Larry D. Ramos 4/30/14 Rhodes Reason 12/26/14 Jean Redpath 8/21/14 Paul Revere 10/4/14 Christian Robblee 11/9/14 Lisa Freeman Roberts 5/6/05 Jay Robinson 9/27/13 Robert Polanco Rodriguez 1/16/15 Brian Rogalski 1/8/14 John W. Rogers 12/22/13 Eddie Rouse 12/7/14 Marge Royce 3/22/15 Henry Sandler 6/26/14 Richard C. Sarafian 9/18/13 Richard Schaal 11/4/14 R. Leo Schreiber 11/13/14 Lizabeth Scott 1/31/15 Stuart Scott 1/4/15 Marian Seldes 10/6/14 Dick Shane 6/29/14 Mark Shannon 8/16/14 Chris Shaughnessy 12/7/14 William Richard Sheridan 9/22/14 Charles Shuken 12/8/13 Bob Simon 2/11/15 Carlton L. Spurlock 6/15/14 Eugene Steck 10/20/14 Dick Stelling 1/15/15 Carol Ann Susi 11/11/14 Sterling Swanson 2/6/14 Michael Tartel 1/10/15 Rod Taylor 1/7/15 Tommy Terrell 5/6/06 Clark Terry 2/21/15 Tommy Townsend 2/15/15 Joe Tuck 6/28/14 John Bartholomew Tucker 12/7/14 Leonard Tucker 11/13/14 Ron Vernan 2/25/15 Daniel von Bargen 3/1/15 Ron Voz 12/11/12 Gregory Walcott 3/20/15 Jack Walsh 7/25/14 Trygve Wasbotten 8/29/13 Alberta Watson 3/21/15 Carolyn West 2/27/14 John West 10/3/14 Parker West 2/11/14 Mark Weston 10/20/14 Cornelia A. White 9/1/14 G. Arthur Whitman 1/4/15 Marvin Willens 8/16/13 Contracts continued from page 19 BOB SIMON, a 60 Minutes correspondent, died Feb. 11 at age 73. Simon was best known for his more than four decades as a CBS News reporter, as well as his work as a 60 Minutes correspondent since 1996. His fearless work covering major overseas conflicts since the 1960s earned him respect and many accolades, including four Peabody awards, 25 Emmy awards and Overseas Press Club's highest honor, the President's Award. In 2003, Simon also received an AFTRA Media and Entertainment Excellence Award in Broadcasting, known as an AMEE, alongside several of his fellow journalists from 60 Minutes, including Ed Bradley, Morley Safer, Dan Rather, Andy Rooney, Steve Kroft, Lesley Stahl and Mike Wallace. CBS PAUL NAPIER, a founding member of the Screen Actors Guild Awards, died Feb. 21 at the age of 84. Napier began his Screen Actors Guild board service in 1979, serving at various points as 3rd vice president and 9th vice president. He was a member of the negotiating committee for national contracts more than two dozen times, and served on the SAG Awards Committee for nearly two decades. He was elected to AFTRA's Los Angeles Board in 1985 and appointed to the National Board the following year. He served on the AFTRA board for almost three decades. In 1977, he was chosen to portray the original Mr. Goodwrench for General Motors' advertising campaign and continued to be a successful actor in more than 400 commercials. In 2010, Napier, along with actor Gloria Stuart, was chosen to receive the Ralph Morgan Award, the highest honor presented by Screen Actors Guild's Hollywood Division. KEVIN MAZUR/WIREIMAGE.COM James Henry Williams 6/20/14 Hardin Williams 2/19/14 Darrell Winfield 1/12/15 Johnny Winter 7/16/14 Venita Wolf 11/22/14 Ben Woolf 2/23/15 Willow Wray 5/31/14 Ray Wyatt 12/22/13 Than Wyenn 1/30/15 Don Young 12/20/14 Denis J. Zacker 11/9/14 Rene Zendejas 10/8/14 Abraham Zucker 11/4/14 Dorothy Zuckerman 2/19/15 Additional gains included an agreement that a bulletin will be issued to producers of content to help ensure adequate warm- up space for dancers and, along with achieving increases in the streaming residuals rate and a reduction in streaming windows, consistent with the industry pattern. Employment under the Network Television Code generates more than $200 million a year in covered member earnings. Low Budget Agreements In addition to the two ratified contracts, the National Board also unanimously voted to increase the threshold for the Ultra Low Budget Agreement by 25 percent, from $200,000 to $250,000; increase the threshold of the Modified Low Budget Agreement by 12 percent from $625,000 to $700,000; and for Modified Low Budget agreements meeting requirements for diversity in casting and background actor incentives, increase the budget threshold by 12 percent. The increases are effective July 1, 2015, which is also the effective date of a 25-percent increase in minimum scale under these agreements. Rates and budget thresholds for these contracts have not increased in a decade.

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