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77 SPRING 2015 / CINEMONTAGE PASSAGES and not paying attention to his studies that his dad finally said, "Get a job!" Don found work in the mailroom at Paramount Studios. He made many friends and when a job came up in the editing department, he applied for it and got it. He went from apprentice to assistant to sound effects editor. Don loved sound effects. He would hear a creaky door or background sounds that most people were so used to they didn't hear them like he did. He won two Emmy Awards and was nominated for three more, all for sound editing. His Emmys were for the "River of Promises" episode of Police Story (1973) and a made-for-TV movie, Power (1980), based on the life of Jimmy Hoffa. His other television credits include Combat, China Beach and The Thorn Birds. His movie credits include Downhill Racer (1969), Chinatown (1974) and Rosemary's Baby (1968). Don's hobby was always writing stories and plays. Four of his plays were staged, which pleased him immensely. Whatever he did, he put his whole heart into it and became totally involved in many projects. We know he is smiling down on us and loving us all. - Chris Crosby JERRY YOUNG PICTURE EDITOR SEPTEMBER 23, 1916 – APRIL 3, 2015 Jerry Young was born September 23, 1916 in Chicago and passed away April 3, 2015 in Los Angeles at the incredible age of 98. He was at home, surrounded by love, and still sharing his infectious smile with visitors. He will be deeply missed and remembered by all the people who were fortunate enough to receive that smile and know the special man behind it. Among his most endearing qualities was a natural modesty and reluctance to talk about himself or his work. People in the entertainment industry will remember Jerry for his wonderful work ethic and his talent for editing. He was a master of his craft before the use of computers, when every shot was cut frame by frame, by his own hand. Some of his early film credits include serving as assistant editor on Robert Rossen's prizefighting picture Body and Soul (1947) and I Was a Teenage Frankenstein (1957), and editing A Cold Wind in August (1961). After editing TV shows like Sky King, Wanted: Dead or Alive with Steve McQueen, and the first season of The Beverly Hillbillies in the 1950s and early 1960s, Jerry was hired by Quinn Martin Productions for the new series The Fugitive in 1964. He spent 14 years with Quinn Martin, receiving two Emmy nominations for his editing work there: an episode of The Streets of San Francisco series (1972) and the special Attack on Terror: The FBI vs. The Ku Klux Klan (1975). He received another Emmy nomination for co- editing the limited series Shogun (1980), based on James Clavell's novel. Jerry is survived by his beautiful wife Mona of 69 years, his son Steven and his daughter Cathy Sara. - Cathy Sara Young IN MEMORIAM ALEX BAMATTRE Sound Editor September 21, 1924 - November 18, 2014 58 years as a member DONALD CROSBY Sound Editor (December 19, 1924 – February 3, 2015) 60 years as a member JAMES R. DELANO Lab Film Technician (January 1, 1932 – December 18, 2014) 53 years as a member JOHN DOBRICH Assistant Editor (October 12, 1963 – March 3, 2015) 6 years as a member CARL MAHAKIAN Sound Editor March 7, 1926 - March 9, 2015 62 years as a member DAVID ROLAND Picture Editor (February 8, 1930 – March 23, 2015) 59 years as a member HENRY F. (HANK) SALERNO Sound Editor (November 18, 1925 – Dec 30, 2014) 59 years as a member JERRY YOUNG Picture Editor (September 23, 1916 – April 3, 2015) 77 years a member OBITUARY NOTICE If family members or friends would like to write an obituary for their loved ones in the "Passages" section of CineMontage, please contact Tomm Carroll at tcarroll@ for guidelines and due dates. All deceased members will be listed in "In Memoriam" after the Guild is notified of their passing.

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