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54 CINEMONTAGE / SPRING 2015 54 CINEMONTAGE / SPRING 2015 Joe and others at the meeting came up and shook my hand. When Joe took my hand, he said with a sincere smile and a glint in his eye, "My condolences." We both laughed, and I knew from that day on we would be friends. I also knew that I had met someone who would not only be a positive influence on me, but would also be someone I could learn from and call upon for advice. Joe never let me down; he is a great leader and has a calmness about him that is infectious. I personally have never heard him raise his voice, or act mean or arbitrary to anyone. His sons — Joe, Jr. and Steve — both have their dad's composed personality, and they are a testament to their upbringing by their father. I congratulate Joe on being honored with the Editors Guild's Fellowship and Service Award. It is well deserved. Tommy Cole Colleague; Business Representative, IATSE Local 706, Make-up Artist and Hair Stylists Guild n Joe Aredas has been an integral part of my growth as a member of the union, as a Director on the Editors Guild's Board, and as a family man. He has been a great mentor to me personally and has played a pivotal role in the development of my career. Without his guidance, I would not be where I am today. Joe has given endlessly of his time for the labor movement. He's reached out and held strong with our local through the best and worst of times. I would like to wholeheartedly thank Joe for all his years of dedication, hard work, leadership and, most of all, friendship. Frank Delgado, Jr. Colleague/Mentee; Vault Clerk and Board member, Local 700, Motion Picture Editors Guild n Thank you, Joe, for your friendship, understanding and sense of humor. Whether as a Local 695 rep, CFI's Vice President of Human Resources or head of the IATSE West Coast Office, you have always found a way to bring people together. You guided the West Coast IA locals through the toughest of times without ever raising your voice. You won the respect of the producers without beating your chest. You calmed us down and never lost sight of the big picture, always serving the members. You won our confidence because you treated all of us with respect. Congratulations on receiving the Editors Guild's Fellowship and Service Award. No one is more deserving. Bruce Doering Colleague; Executive Director, IATSE Local 600, International Cinematographers Guild n I met Joe in 2005. My first impression was how likable he was and how easy it was to talk to him. After our conversation, I walked away feeling impressed by what we had discussed because of his insight, sense of humor and sense of fairness. Whether you just met Joe or have known him for a long time, the impression you get is that he is a man of great character and integrity who is intelligent, funny, fair, loyal and a true gentleman. Joe is the kind of man people seek out because of his qualities. He is a leader and a team player with the ability to bring people together and treating all with the same respect, no matter their position, be it producer or stagehand; in Joe's eyes, everyone is equal. He has never made anyone feel like what he or she had to say was irrelevant. No matter the idea or thought offered, Joe does not discount or dismiss it; that is his way of making people feel like they are part of the solution. When Joe is sharing a story or telling a funny joke, you get that there is a moral or a point to it. He is as thoughtful as he is thought-provoking. After meeting him, I knew I had found a lifelong friend and mentor. He has taught me many things, and for that and many other reasons I have the deepest respect and admiration for him. You are a true friend Joe; thank you. Ron Garcia Colleague/Mentee; International Representative, IATSE n n Joe Aredas is a consummate gentleman, and is the type of union member and representative we should all aspire to be. Joe has expressed from the very start of his career that he appreciated the life his union membership enabled him to have, and fully understood that "Joe is the kind of man people seek out because of his qualities. He is a leader and a team player with the ability to bring people together, treating all people with the same respect, no matter their position." – Ron Garcia

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