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53 SPRING 2015 / CINEMONTAGE 53 SPRING 2015 / CINEMONTAGE Compiled by Laura Almo n I just want to congratulate my father on receiving the Editors Guild's prestigious Fellowship and Service Award. It's very well deserved — not only in his working life but in his family life as well. He has been very successful. And I am very proud of him. Joe Aredas, Jr. Son/Mentee; Representative, IA Local 695; former Field Representative and Board member, Local 700, Motion Picture Editors Guild n They don't make men like Joe Aredas anymore. A man of family, faith, trust, intelligence, kindness, respect and, of course, golf. He is the epitome of American Dream, coming from a poor family and achieving great success in Hollywood, California. Joe always did the things the right way — not the easy way — and although he came from a broken family, I do not know a more committed family man on this earth. He was successful on both the management and the labor side; and to this day he is respected on both sides of the aisle. His legacy lives on as his sons are both involved in the IATSE union movement, helping to serve the membership. Esther, his wife of 53 years, is the love of his life, and his six grandchildren are what make both of them smile every day. I am lucky to have Joe, my dad, as my weekend golf partner each weekend, teaching me about golf — and life. Steve Aredas Son/Mentee; International Representative, IATSE West Coast Office n What can I say about Joe? He tells a funny story about our relationship, but it requires a little background. In June 1997, I began a long interview process to become the CEO of Consolidated Film Industries (CFI), where Joe was Vice President, Human Resources. After several meetings with the president of the parent company — only too little can be said about him, but let's just call him "quirky" — I was invited to the lab to meet with some of the senior executives, including Joe. I immediately took a great liking to him, and understood that he was now management but had come up through the lab and had a fabulous understanding of the working men and women in the company. I looked forward to the benefit of his advice and counsel if I got the job. I did get it, and started that September. On my first day, I went to see Joe to re- introduce myself, and was told, "I'm retiring in two weeks." So Joe, despite the fact that he abandoned his post 14 days after I started, has become a close and important friend and mentor over the years. We have shared many ups and downs, seen a few of our very good mutual friends pass away, and have been vigilant about getting together as frequently as possible with the "old gang" from CFI. (After all, there's an ever diminishing group of us who still remember what film is.) There's no more stand-up guy in the industry than Joe Aredas, no one I'd rather have on my side or by my side and, by the way, I've never forgiven him! Bob Beitcher Colleague; CEO, Motion Picture and Television Fund n I first met Joe 12 years ago, when I was elected as Business Representative of Local 706, Make-up Artists and Hair Stylists Guild, and he was the International Representative-in- Charge of the IATSE West Coast Office in Toluca Lake. At my first monthly business representative meeting, I was introduced as a "newbie" to the other LA reps. At the end of the gathering, Friends of Joe Some Words from His Admirers…

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