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Regardless where it's shown, a spot's sound needs to grab and "Advertainment," according to Wikipedia, is a term first used in 1999 by Italian professor of brand communication Patrizia Musso; it means a fusion of advertising and entertainment.The goal of many of today's spot makers is to fuse those two things together to be successful, re- gardless of where the spot is seen. More agencies are producing content designed to be Internet- based.Without the time restrictions of broadcast, agency creatives can think beyond the 30- or 60-second barrier.The more interest- ing, the more creative or funny a spot, whether it's online or broad- cast, the higher the potential number of viewers. For advertisers, getting the brand noticed is what it's all about.With the increase of advertising outlets, it's getting harder to get noticed. In the modern din of advertising, advertainments are more likely to stand out. NOKIA GULP The ad agency Wieden + Kennedy, London, along with Aardman Animation, created Gulp, a stop-motion advertainment spot using the Nokia N8 smartphone.The 1:31 Internet ad tells the story of a fisherman who gets swallowed by a giant fish, but ultimately lives to tell the tale. For sound design and final mix,Wieden + Kennedy went to senior sound designer Jack Sedgwick at Wave Studios in 36 Post • September 2011 Waves provided the sound design and final mix for the Aardman- animated . Will Grove-White (pictured) composed the music. London ( music for the spot was com- posed by Will Grove-White ( keep viewers' attention. By Jennifer Walden Gulp

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