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products OptiTrack for desktop motion capture — NaturalPoint (www. has released the Opti- Track V120:Duo and V120:Trio tracking bars, two out of the box motion capture solutions. The Opti- Track tracking bars incorporate optical tracking technology that is accurate and easy to use. Designed for desktop-friendly mocap, the Duo ($1,999) and Trio offer the power of multi-camera, six degrees of free- dom (DOF) object tracking in a single, plug-and-play pack- age. Each tracking system is self-con- tained and factory calibrated for out-of- the-box tracking. The company sees the solu- tions as well suited for both game develop- ers and anima- tion studios. The Duo is equipped with two cameras, for efficient marker- based object track- ing. The Trio in- cludes an additional middle camera, which is useful for increased tracking accuracy or for cre- ating augmented re- ality applications. Users can stream or save motion track- ing data, and exter- nal sync I/O allows for compatibility with shutter glasses. 44 AJA releases frame sync & format converter — AJA (www.aja. com) is now shipping the FS2, a univer- sal frame synchronizer and format converter with two independent channels that support virtually any input or output. The FS2 can be used as two separate frame synchronizers/ converters, or channels can be combined in a variety of ways. The 1RU solution builds on AJA's FS1 by adding dual-channel features. Each video channel supports analog component or com- posite, 3G/HD/SD-SDI, dual-link and HDMI I/O, as well as optical fiber I/O options. Each channel also has its own still-store, keyer and video processing amp/color corrector. With Maxell's four-interface storage solution — Maxell ( has re- leased the Maxdata Tank Quad, a 3.5-inch external desktop hard disk drive with four in- terfaces. The product is specifically de- signed to work with the large files asso- ciated with HD environments and is available in 1TB ($212.78) and 2TB ($326.50) capacities. The Maxdata drives support USB 2.0, eSATA, FireWire 400, support for all broadcast video formats in a single converter box, the FS2 allows match up of disparate video and audio systems. FS2 is available through AJA's reseller channel for $4,995. Also available are dual- fiber options for $295 and single fiber op- tions for $195. and FireWire 800, and have a hot plug-and- play function for simple connection. Both drives will spin at 7,200RPMs and have up to 16MB of cache. The drives support Win- dows 2000 and above, as well as Mac OS 9.0+ and OS X. The unit's durable aluminum housing and shock resistance make it well suited for pro environments. The drives also have a wide temperature range of -20° C to 60° C. Measur- ing 5.61" x 1.38" x 8.52", the Maxdata HDDs can be positioned vertically or horizontally, al- lowing them to fit into tight configurations. The Foundry extends Nuke's reach to spots — The Foundry (www.the- has a new version of its Nuke compositor suited to small and medium-sized facili- ties working in spots as well as features. A 3D particle sys- tem, planar tracking, presets and audio scratch track, along with speed improve- ments, combine to save time on short- form projects. Com- mon compositing tasks have also been made easier via redesigned spline and grid warpers, and a new denoise algorithm. Nuke is multiplat- form and costs $3,800. NukeX, which includes a 3D camera tracker, depth generator, lens distortion cor- rection tools and FurnaceCore plug- ins, is $6,600. Kinoton DCP projectors DCI certified — Kinoton's ( entire line of DCP Se- ries II projectors have completed the strict testing procedure for certification as compliant with the safety and technology stan- dards of Digital Cinema Initiatives (also known as DCI). The DCP 30 LX II, DCP 30 MX II and DCP SX II projectors, which are based on projection technology provided by Barco, passed all of the tests for compliance with the DCI specifications. The tests were performed by CineCert, LLD. The DCI certificate documents the transparency of digital cinema products and their overall compliance with safety, technology and equipment standards. It covers quality, technological, logistical and legal aspects of digital cinema. The DCI specifications define stan- dards for various parameters of digital projection systems, including light levels, image luminance, homogeneity, white point chromaticity, color space, color saturation and the corresponding tolerances. Post • August 2011 LONDON G COR V ALLIS, OR RASS V ALLEY , CA W OODLAND P ARK, NJ M UNICH

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