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August 2011

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postings A JOB WITH A DIFFERENCE — Felix Design (www.felixde- created a video for the Dow Chemi- cal Company that shows how the company is mak- ing a difference in the world. The video addresses the transformation of the company's Coating Mate- rials division and is designed to inspire meaningful conversation among its employees. spotlights employees from across a variety of job positions in the US, Middle East and Europe. Each candidly addresses the camera with their real thoughts and feelings, both humorous and serious. The video was translated into 15 lan- guages. Felix Design shot the project at research and office facilities in Pennsylvania, a manufacturing plant in North Carolina, and a trade show in Ger- many. The studio handled editorial and design, using Adobe After Effects to frame the video with a smooth flow of elements that embrace subtle color shapes and splashes. Penny Ashman was creative director on the project and Daniela Kuehn was art director and producer, along with Michele Valkov. Chip Schofield cut the project using Final Cut Pro, and Quiver's Michael Aharon created the original score. In addition to After Effects, Felix Design used Illustrator and Photoshop running on Mac Pro workstations. TUBE DOES — Tube ( helped TNT prepare for the next-generation of the TV series The 1:30 promotional video, which can be seen on . ' Website, is a behind-the-scenes look at the casts' photo shoot and includes some actors from the original series. Tube editor Greg Partridge worked with senior producer Nick Pride to capture the enthusiasm of the shows' cast and crew. The 20 hours of footage included interviews with cast members such as Patrick Duffy, Linda Gray, Jesse Metcalfe, and Jordana Brewster. To pay homage to the editorial style of both the original television series and the new show, Partridge split the screen three ways multiple times. He cut the piece via Final Cut Pro 7. Creative director Chris Downs put the finishing touches on the video by sweetening it and performing color correction using Adobe After Effects. RING RECAP promoting its engagement rings. IMAGES OF CHIVALRY — PrimalScream Music ( created a cinematic score for a new Summer's Eve com- mercial that shows how men have fought for women throughout the course of history. was conceived by The Richards Group and produced by House of Usher with Kinka Usher directing. PrimalScream Music creative director Nicole Dionne selected Klaus Badelt ( ) for the collabora- tion. A live orchestra and choir was recorded to achieve the dramatic effect. Stuart Brawley contributed sound design. The track was mixed in Studio M at The Village where Pri- malScream is based. Pro Tools 9, KRK Expose speakers, and API mic pres were used. The final mix was performed in Pro Tools. The Mill provided visual effects for the spot and Nomad's Tom Muldoon edited it. — Twitch Post recently handled post production on an new commercial for Ritani was shot by Persona Films (www.person- and features several men, ranging in age and ethnicity, detailing their experience select- ing a ring and the response it generated from their loved one. Gluttony conceived the commercial's concept, which has humorous sexual overtones. One young man describes his fiancé as being completely satisfied. Another notes that she cried afterwards. Only late in the spot does the audience realize they are talking about the Ritani engagement ring. The project was shot in 4K using a Red One camera with a Mysterium-X sensor. Each subject was shot on the same sofa, which was revamped for each scene. Backgrounds were added for each actor. Bruce Chilton of Twitch Post ( cut the video using Final Cut Studio 3. He also handled visual effects, relying on Adobe After Effects and 12-core MacBook Pros. Chris Cooper supervised post production. Abigail Honor directed, and Marissa Price was producer. Yan Vizinberg was director of photography. 42 Post • August 2011 P HILADELPHIA Are Y ou In? L O S A N G E L ES Hail the V! Pirates of the Caribbean, Gladiator DALLAS A TLANT A Dallas Dallas N EW YORK Couch Confessions

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