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C DPs & olorists This relationship works thanks to trust and communication. By Christine Bunish Technicolor colorist Sam Daley believes that colorists are a "secret weapon" for DPs working "behind the scenes and in the dark." He calls a colorist "a conduit for the cine- matographer. If a cinematographer had the time and the technology I have at my disposal he'd do the color himself. Instead, I'm here to ensure that the images are presented in the way the cine- matographer envisioned. And I occasionally get to be their collaborator." MILDRED PIERCE Daley, who works at Technicolor New York (, which at press time was being acquired by PostWorks NY, has observed how the bottom line now often mandates where the post workflow is directed. Nevertheless, some cinematographers still play a key role in decid- ing where their negative will go.That has enabled him to build strong relationships with a number of major DPs, all of whom have different ways of communicating with him. "You have to adapt to the communication style of each cinematographer," he notes,"whether they're texting, emailing stills or recording microcassettes with voice notes. It's a matter of making their lives easier in production and when the project's finished." In A Place are shooters and colorists who worked on . Turn to page 23. 20 Post • August 2011 Y & the Cir cus ou, Me

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