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October/November 2014

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Bodywork & Healing SOMATIC REALIGNMENT ACCOMPLISHED WITH EXPERTISE AND ENTHUSIASM Spinal problems? Accidents? Surgery? Athletic injury? Occupational, Emotional and Other Stress? Life changes? It has been my pleasure to bring the benefits of Rolfing to thou- sands of clients over the years. Hands-on infusion of energy and skillfully directed pressure evoke changes in patterns of breath and connective tissue layers. Realignment of structure and function in the field of gravity is the goal. Better posture, range of movement,flexibility, release of trauma and integration of body, mind and spirit are among the results. Basic, Advanced, Maintenance Sessions. Renee Branch-Wagner, Certified Advanced Rolfer Graduate of Cornell University Protegé of founder Ida P. Rolf 310.454.2644, Pacific Palisades ROLFING FOR HEALTH AND HAPPINESS Acupuncture Natural Health Center INTEGRATIVE MEDICINE ACUPUNCTURE & QUIGONG Acupuncture has worked successfully for more than five thousand years, and as with anything else, the degree of success often depends on the practitioner. Dr. Lijun Zheng, a Chinese acupuncture gradu- ate, has used her 15 years of daily acupuncture & Qigong practice to develop a unique style. Her natural health center in Santa Moni- ca is warm and friendly, with soothing music to support relaxation. Dr. Zheng has successfully treated pain, stress, allergies and insomnia; and prostate, kidney, bladder and digestive disorders. She can help with headache, fatigue, overweight, infertility, and facial and gyne- cological problems. Dr. Zheng can even help you quit smoking. Most insurance accepted! 310.828.5288 2504 Santa Monica Blvd. Santa Monica 90404 professional services directory Relaxing & Therapeutic Bodywork BY CERTIFIED MASSAGE THERAPIST I help busy individuals who suffer from stress and mental fatigue to achieve more success in their personal and professional lives. If you suffer from body aches related to stress, you too can experience deep relief and live a more enjoyable life. I have developed my technique from years of practice and specialize in bodywork modalities that are proven to ease and comfort your mind and body. LeeAnn is a highly skilled therapist with a passion for healing her cli- ents. She has been healing me since 2012, and I will be forever grate- ful. For me, massage from LeeAnn is not a luxury, but rather a necessity for healthy living. Shawna G., Los Angeles 323.202.6569 LeeAnn Christian leeann625@yahoo.com ChirOasis - A Pathway to Primal He alth We believe that a healthy body can enable a healthy life! Our overall approach to wellness is based on primal health, reducing the need for chemical remedies. Did you know that your body is energetically connected and constantly in communication with itself? We use technologies to help decipher what your body is trying to tell you by targeting your specific problem, greatly reducing healing time. Our personalized care helps address stress, insomnia, burnout, in- flammation, sports injuries, free radicals, and more. Find your body's harmony at ChirOasis! 4560 Admiralty Way, #252 Marina del Rey, CA 90292 (310) 306-4828 www.ChirOasis.com Intuitive Shamanic Healing HAVE YOU EVER FELT TRAPPED IN A CYCLE, UNABLE TO BREAK THE GRIP OF THE PAST? Are you tired of traditional therapies that don't seem to be reaching you at your core? Are you ready to stop suffering? Using ancient healing techniques, I can help you experience rapid transformation on the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies. By clearing past trauma and karmic patterns from your Luminous Energy Field (LEF), you will be able to experience a deep sense of balance, joy and freedom. I will help you to build self trust, to reconnect with your soul's voice and to align you with your highest destiny. Jamile Mafi Certified Energy Practitioner 818-317-3873 jamile@flamingheart.com www.flamingheart.com Allie Meszaros, Health Specialist CANCER, DIALYSIS, HEART DISEASE I use alternative medicine to reverse illness and disease and restore health. * * * If you have cancer, heart disease, an autoimmune disorder or in need of an organ transplant, call for a free consultation. In 2009 I was diagnosed with hepato cellular carcinoma and given three months to live. Allie gave me alternative treatments and my health was restored. I'm cancer-free today. --K. S., Van Nuys 818.660.8464 www.alternativehealthtalk.net llamasmeszaros@yahoo.com 801 S. Chevy Chase Dr. Suite 103 Glendale, CA 91205 october/november 2014 35

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