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42  /  the tasting panel  /  august 2014 In the Height of Heat Ugh, Augu. From the beads of sweat forming on our bro, to our skyrocketing electric bis (a AC, a the time!), we're in the dog days of summer and are lking for any excuse to cl down! We've searched high and low for some of the mo refreshing and refined products out there, and hope these cle wi help you beat the heat—for at lea a few moments before you slip back into the pl. by Rachel Burkons Vodka Soda Va-Vm When it's a billion degrees out, even crafting a simple vodka soda can feel like a monumental task. Bringing an elevated flavor to the RTD category is Jane St.'s line of gourmet vodka sodas, offered in refreshing and unique flavors like pineapple jalapeño, grapefruit, Meyer lemon and our personal fave, peach peppercorn. Made from all-natural flavors and offered in 750-ml. sizes, these pretty sippers are poolside-perfect, will appeal to the female consumer and would be a great fit for high- volume accounts looking for an alternative to time-consuming infusions. With one sip, you'll be asking, "Can you tell me how to get to Jane St.?" Pop It Up Are there any greater joys in the summer than relishing the cool, refreshingly sweet flavor of a popsicle, catching each drop of melty-sweetness with your tongue before it hits the end of the stick? Clearly, we think not, but that doesn't mean you have to relegate yourself to whatever your kids are eating out of one of those freezer-aisle yellow boxes. With grown-up flavors like banana cinnamon, coldbrew coffee, watermelon agave and hibiscus mint, GoodPop popsicles are made from all-natural organic ingre- dients, and get great, fresh flavor by using 100% Fair Trade cane sugar. Sweet, simple and surely refreshing, GoodPop's on a path to greatness. Caed for Sue Hot coffee in summer is for chumps, but when you need a caffeine fix and don't have the hours needed to chill your at-home brew, High Brew Coffee will come to the rescue. Made from Fair Trade Arabica beans, High Brew is cold-brewed and offered in four delicious flavors that will make you forget all about whatever mocha-frap-a-latté you used to love. We're crazy about the light sweetness of the Mexican vanilla, and love the sweet-salt-savory combo of the salted caramel. Even better? Each can is only between 50-60 calories, so when it comes time to slip on that bathing suit, you'll be peppy and prepped. Oh Hey, Rosé We all know that summertime and rosé are the bestest of BFFs, but we've found a new pretty pink that we're sure will have you dancing in no time. Meet Hey Mambo Rosé, a dry and strawberry-laden sipper that's as fresh as it is fun. Produced by August Sebastiani (yes, as in the Sonoma winemak- ing Sebastianis) from 100% Clarksburg-sourced Pinot Noir, Hey Mambo will have you rewriting the words of the classic song to sing a different chorus: Hey Mambo, mambo delizioso! Hey Mambo, mambo California-o!

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