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ALTERNATIVE BEVERAGES Summer Lovin’ IT’S NOT JUST A SONG FROM GREASE. HERE ARE A FEW OF THE PRODUCTS THAT WILL KEEP ME SMILING ALL SUMMER LONG by Rachel Burkons Perfectly Prosecco I certainly don’t need to use “summertime” as an excuse to drink Prosecco, because, let’s face it, my palate loves a bubble bath just as much on those cold winter nights as on these long sunny days. However, there’s something extra-special about enjoying the fruity (hello, ripest peach and pear!), floral notes in Voveti Prosecco, in the gloriously warming rays of the sun. With fruit primarily sourced from Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia (DOC), Voveti is a vibrant and fresh take on bubbly that will whisk you away to Italia—without that pesky 14 hour flight and kid kicking your seat. FREIXENET USA Ginger Ale? You Mean Ginger Awesome I really love the flavor of ginger but, despite my very best intentions, the mere thought of all of that slicing and dicing and shaving involved in fresh ginger prep leaves me exhausted. Fortunately, Bruce Cost Ginger Ale is here to answer the call to flavor-with ease, offering an authentic profile that’s mixable and delicious. Made from fresh ginger and pure cane sugar, BCGA is unfil- tered, leaving all of that deliciously real-ginger-ness behind for your enjoyment. Candy for Grownups Remember that never- ending stash of hard candies your grandma always had in her purse? here to satisfy your latent sugar-lovin’ fiend in an adult way is Hard Luck Candy Vodka, a Michigan-based brand that takes you back to childhood with its Red Fish, Root Beer Barrel, Orange Dream and Lemon Drop flavors. As a kid, I loved the 58 / the tasting panel / july 201 1 sweet-yet-sour combo of lemon drops, and this vodka-riffic version doesn’t disappoint: It’s sweet and citrusy and just plain ol’ fun. Hard Luck Candy is currently seeking wider distribution, so for more candy goodness, email Poppin’ Corks There’s no sound more cel- ebratory than a popping cork as it flies out of a champagne bottle. Bringing a little bit of that bubbly-magic to wine bottles everywhere is Cork Pops Legacy, a nifty gadget with a four-blade foil cutter and built-in low pressure cartridge that makes open- ing any bottle of wine as easy as twist, push and pop. Perfect for high-volume accounts where time is of the essence and the clientele will revel in the sound of corks-a-poppin’. Water: Purer than Pure H2 O novices may think that water is water, but as you and I know, dear reader, that clear, flavorless splashy stuff runs the gamut in terms of clarity of taste and purity. Leading the pack is antipodes, a New Zealand–sourced water offered in both sparkling and flat variations. With a flavor as simply clean as it gets, the antipodes bottle is equally unobtrusive, with elegantly low-profile packaging that’s perfect for setting on a table and letting the food and wine do all of the heavy lifting.

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