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Lydia Shire & Jessamyn Gangi of Scampo in Boston S campo, the Boston nightlife and dining spot in the Liberty Hotel is Lydia Shire’s sixth destination dining spot. Her reputation for defying tradition trans- lates into Italian-inspired cuisine that draws on Mediterranean and Middle East references. It was in the mid-to-late ‘70s that Shire first made her mark in Boston, and in 1982, she opened Seasons at the Bostonian Hotel. The James Beard Foundation awarded Shire the “Who’s Who of Food & Beverage” award in 1984. With a short stint on the West Coast to open the new Four Seasons Hotel in Beverly Hills, Shire returned to Boston in 1989 and launched BIBA (“Back in Boston Again”), where she was further recognized as a chef of amazing vision and talent. She has since transformed BIBA into Excelsior, a bold contemporary eatery, and in 2007, opened Blue Sky in York Beach, Maine. Shire’s kitchen has been the training ground for some of the city’s finest chefs, such as Jody Adams, Dante de Magistris, Gordon Hamersley, Amanda Lyon and Susan Regis. Her Execuitve Chef, Mario Capone and Chef de Cuisine, Simon Restrepo, have worked with Shire for a combined total of 25 years. 118 / the tasting panel / july 201 1 The 1 2 3 4 5 1 2 3 4 5 LIST Lydia Shire’s Five Pet Peeves Under-seasoned foods. Uncaring individual employees that abuse company materials (we tend to “edit “ those people in a hurry). Beverages not chilled properly according to each specific requirement. Not enough people to greet guests as they enter; if the place is small, no matter; a server should jump in and immediately do the greeting. Too much jewelry on waitstaff. Lydia’s Top Five Faves Seasonal menus—that means no asparagus in the middle of December. Restaurants that put sea salt on the table and you don’t have to ask for it! Sirloin steaks with an edge of fat on them. Cotton napkins (not polyester). A great General Manager that keeps both BOH + FOH “in line” to make a profit and realize the bottom line . . . all that we work so hard to do. Jessamyn Gangi’s Five Pet Peeves Impolite people. Chef Lydia Shire. 1 2 3 4 5 Lying about a reservation. Everyone else in the room made the proper arrangements! When an item I need for the bar is backordered. Complacent or bored restaurant employees. Guests who resist checking their hang- ups at the door. You’re here to relax! Give it a try! Jessamyn’s Top Five Faves 1 2 3 4 5 Lydia’s seasonal, eclectic menu—dishes that awe, delight and, for me, inspire creativity. Lillet Blanc—for sunny afternoons and to soften evening cocktails. Turning a guest’s day around for the better (no matter how small). Tomolives! Summers on the Cape and Nantucket; anywhere in New England in autumn. Scampo Bartender Jessamyn Gangi’s inspiration comes from the food at Scampo, with many ingredients straight out of their kitchen. Here she is with her signature House Margarita with Blood Orange Purée, made with agave and fresh lime. Our series continues, thanks to Funkin fresh fruit purées, a brand that supports the integrity of the Food and Beverage people in our industry. Taking Inventory with. . . “ 5 ”

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