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FRAGOLI WILD STRAWBERRY LIQUEUR: Strawberry Suspension Why we lique Fragoli: One look at this vibrant red bottle, and it’s clear that this berry-bomb is a sweet surrender to the strawberry patch. With hand-picked baby Italian strawberries suspended in the sweet red liquid, Fragoli grabs your atten- tion from the backbar, and doesn’t let go until you’ve explored—and enjoyed—every last delicious drop. Fall in love with: With the floating berries resembling bright red champagne bubbles, Fragoli is a dream-come-true when mixed with Prosecco, resulting in a fruity, fun-filled bubble- fest that will leave your mouth very happy. Classic Marketing Company TATRATEA: Pretty Complexi-tea Why we lique Tatratea: Although its packaging is undeniably beautiful, Tatratea, a five-flavor lineup that is most closely related to the herbal liqueur category, is more than just a pretty face. Each black tea–based expression is enhanced with fruit and herb extracts to offer a smooth, high-proof liqueur that crosses boundaries and can be consumed as a chilled shot or mixed into any cocktail. Fall in love with: Tatratea 62% is laced with forest-fruit flavors like blackberries and dark currants, with a gentle black-tea kiss shining through to mellow out the high proof. We see this brand going a long way with the chill-‘em-and-shoot’-‘em crowd. Avant Garde Imports ROKA: Direct from Spain Why we lique Roka: While on vacation in Marbella, Spain, a gor- geous Mediterranean resort town, brothers Ryan and Brent Elam sat at a bar and were introduced to a chilled shot of a caramel liqueur. The flavor profile was authentic and delicious, and the Elams were kind enough to share; they brought the liquid to the States and named it Roka, after the memo- rable bar. Other flavors followed: chocolate and apple, and all can combine and work harmoniously together. Fall in love with: All three flavors! The melt-in-your- mouth caramel, the dark chocolate lover’s non-bitter “baker’s cocoa” profile with a hint of black tea, and the baked-apple savoriness. Roka Beverage Company GLAYVA: A Playful Brown Spirit Why we lique Glayva: Made from the finest Scotch malt whisky and exotic ingredients from around the globe, Glayva (Gaelic for “very good”) is not just a wintertime sipper. With its exotic flavors of honey, cinnamon, almond and nutmeg, it is a dream liqueur for brown spirits fans who crave a bit of the “very good” stuff all year ‘round. Fall in love with: Glayva’s smooth-as-satin entry and its tan- gerine-heather grassiness make this a liqueur to mix with fruits this summer. Whyte & Mackay june 201 1 / the tasting panel / 89

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