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Y E S O N P R O P. 4 1 The Veterans Housing and Homeless Prevention Bond Act of 2014 Makes $600 million of existing bond funds from Proposition 12 (Veterans Bond Act of 2008) available to expand housing options for veterans. Prop. 41 will allow veterans and their families who are homeless or at risk of homelessness, and veterans who are struggling with disabilities and unemploy- ment, to access safe, decent, affordable places to live, and to access needed ser- vices for mental health, substance use, case management and job training. Y E S O N P R O P. 4 2 The Public's Right to Know Act Makes access to public meetings and information a right, not a luxury. Giving citizens access to public meetings and records should not be an "option" for local governments. Prop. 42 reforms our state's most vital government transparency laws by making access to public meetings and records a constitutional requirement for cities, counties and school districts. AD 37 Das Williams AD 39 Raul Bocanegra AD 41 Chris Holden AD 42 Gary Jeandron AD 43 Mike Gatto AD 44 Jacqui Irwin AD 45 Matt Dababneh AD 46 Adrin Nazarian AD 49 Edwin Chau AD 51 Jimmy Gomez AD 52 Freddie Rodriguez AD 53 Miguel Santiago AD 54 Sebastian Ridley-Thomas AD 56 Eduardo Garcia AD 57 Ian Calderon AD 58 Cristina Garcia AD 59 Reginald Jones-Sawyer AD 60 Oliver Unaka AD 61 Jose Medina AD 62 Autumn Burke AD 63 Anthony Rendon AD 64 Mike Gipson AD 65 Sharon Quirk-Silva AD 66 Al Muratsuchi AD 70 Patrick O'Donnell AD 73 Wendy Gabriella AD 74 Anila Ali AD 78 Toni Atkins AD 79 Shirley Weber AD 80 Lorena Gonzalez S TAT E S E N AT E SD 02 Mike McGuire SD 04 CJ Jawahar SD 06 Roger Dickinson SD 12 Anthony Cannella SD 14 Luis Chavez SD 18 Bob Hertzberg SD 20 Connie Leyva SD 22 Ed Hernandez SD 24 Kevin de León SD 28 Glenn Miller SD 30 Holly Mitchell SD 32 Tony Mendoza SD 34 Jose Solorio SD 40 Ben Hueso U . S . H O U S E O F R E P R E S E N TAT I V E S CD 01 Heidi Hall CD 02 Jared Huffman CD 03 John Garamendi CD 05 Mike Thompson CD 06 Doris Matsui CD 07 Ami Bera CD 09 Jerry McNerney CD 10 Michael Eggman CD 11 Mark DeSaulnier CD 12 Nancy Pelosi CD 13 Barbara Lee CD 15 Eric Swalwell CD 16 Jim Costa CD 17 Mike Honda CD 18 Anna Eshoo CD 20 Sam Farr CD 21 David Valadao CD 24 Lois Capps CD 25 Lee Rogers CD 26 Julia Brownley CD 27 Judy Chu CD 28 Adam Schiff CD 29 Tony Cárdenas CD 30 Brad Sherman CD 31 Pete Aguilar CD 32 Grace Napolitano CD 33 Ted Lieu CD 35 Norma Torres CD 36 Raul Ruiz CD 37 Karen Bass CD 38 Linda Sánchez CD 41 Mark Takano CD 42 Tim Sheridan CD 44 Janice Hahn CD 47 Alan Lowenthal CD 50 James Kimber CD 52 Scott Peters CD 53 Susan Davis S TAT E W I D E Governor Jerry Brown Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom Attorney General Kamala Harris Controller John Pérez Insurance Commissioner Dave Jones Treasurer John Chiang Superintendent of Public Instruction Tom Torlakson Board of Equalization, District 1 Chris Parker Board of Equalization, District 2 Fiona Ma Board of Equalization, District 3 Jerome Horton S TAT E A S S E M B LY AD 02 Jim Wood AD 03 Jim Reed AD 04 Dan Wolk AD 07 Kevin McCarty AD 08 Ken Cooley AD 09 Darrell Fong AD 10 Erin Carlstrom AD 11 Jim Frazier AD 12 Kristin Olsen AD 13 Susan Talamantes Eggman AD 14 Susan Bonilla AD 15 Tony Thurmond AD 16 Tim Sbranti AD 17 David Campos AD 18 Rob Bonta AD 19 Phil Ting AD 20 Bill Quirk AD 21 Adam Gray AD 22 Kevin Mullin AD 24 Rich Gordon AD 25 Kansen Chu AD 27 Nora Campos AD 28 Evan Low AD 29 Mark Stone AD 30 Luis Alejo AD 32 Rudy Salas AD 33 Rick Roelle AD 36 Steve Fox Advocacy Voter's guide 41 M AY 2 0 1 4 Educator 05 May 2014 v1.6 int.indd 41 5/16/14 3:21 PM

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