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May 2011

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THE GIN THE GIST Ultra-premium Right Gin from Sweden is crafted from column-distilled neutral spirits and a mix of right botanicals that includes Sicilian bergamot and black pepper from Borneo. It has a citrus and herbal bouquet and a tantalizing dose of pepper on the fi nish. Recently honored as “Best Gin” and “Best in Show White Spirit” at the prestigious San Francisco World Spirits Competition, small-batch Sloane’s is handcrafted in the Netherlands with nine botanicals, each of which is distilled individually. The gin is velvety smooth, highly aromatic and juniper-forward Small batch Whitley Neill features the exotic botanicals Cape wild gooseberries and the tart, acidic fruit of African baobab tree, which tastes similar to oranges. It sports an herbal, citrusy and fl oral bouquet with the juniper taking a back seat. Eccentric and Beloved THE GIN THE GIST Distinguished Broker’s London dry gin from Birmingham is distilled in a small copper pot still ad infused with ten botanicals. This bowler-topped brand is priced well below other premiums. Scour the Earth if you must, but you’ll fi nd no other gin like Old Raj. It’s pot-distilled with an exotic botanical mix that includes saffron. The rare spice imbues the gin with an intriguing fl avor and yellow tint. THE STATS ORIGIN: Sweden STRENGTH: 80 proof SRP: $29.99 SUPPLIER: Altamar Brands Peppercorns make for a spicy fi nish. ORIGIN: Netherlands STRENGTH: 80 proof SRP: $40 SUPPLIER: Ice Cap Spirits Sloane Square in London’s fashionable West End. THINK WHILE YOU DRINK ORIGIN: England STRENGTH: 84 proof SRP: $25.99 SUPPLIER: Smart Beverage Group “Inspired by Africa.” A cadre of gins whose personalities are so distinct and unforgettable that they’ve become permanent denizens on the top shelf. No self-respecting cocktail haunt would be caught without them. THE STATS ORIGIN: England STRENGTH: 94 proof SRP: $29.99 SUPPLIER: Hood River Distillers Stock’s up! ORIGIN: Scotland STRENGTH: 110 proof SRP: $59.99 SUPPLIER: Anchor Brewers & Distillers Chic French import G’vine Floraison is pot-distilled from Ugni Blanc grapes, nine botanicals and fl eur de vigne, the essential oils of the Ugni Blanc fl ower. ORIGIN: France STRENGTH: 80 proof SRP: $29.99 SUPPLIER: Domaine Select Imported from Scotland, Hendrick’s is made from an infusion of botanicals including rose petals and cucumber. The gin is a refreshing, delightfully eccentric spirit. ORIGIN: Scotland STRENGTH: 88 proof SRP: $29.99 SUPPLIER: William Grant & Sons After distillation, Martin Miller’s is shipped 3,000 miles from England to a remote Icelandic village where it is rendered to strength with glacier-fed spring water. ORIGIN: England, by way of Iceland STRENGTH: 90.4 proof SRP: $29.95 SUPPLIER: Kindred Spirits Made with pure glacier water from Iceland. may 201 1 / the tasting panel / 95 Cognac’s signature Ugni Blanc grapes. The yellow hue comes from saffron. THINK WHILE YOU DRINK Cucumbers? Yes, cucumbers.

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