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4 SAG-AFTRA | Spring 2014 | Letters to the Editor SELF-FILMING As a member since 1977, I find the obstacles to overcome in landing acting jobs have grown, not diminished. Now, I and all older, computer-challenged senior citizens are faced with another obstacle: self-filmed auditions. Self-filming is difficult enough, but the ensuing procedures of uploading the film to one's computer and sending it off to the agent are insurmountable. ese are computer activities designed for the young, and not user friendly to us older folk. It seems we're to be relegated to obscurity because we don't have the necessary computer skills, cannot comprehend a course in computer technology and are not financially able to hire a techie for every audition. e future bodes ill. Except for the wealthy actors, who can hire techies for this complex computer work, older actors like me will be denied auditions. We will be forgotten. ere must be a better way to audition then self-filming. Ralph David Westfall Washington-Mid Atlantic Local THANKS I am a high school physics teacher. During my summers off, I indulge my alter ego by doing whatever it takes to get on set. I love being an extra, however that is not why I am writing to you today. Instead, I wanted to emphasize how hospitable the union has been to me. At every turn, I have been invited to participate, engage, vote and be an active member. I have wonderful chats on set with some of the most influential producers, directors and actors in the business — and not once were they dismissive of me as a person or as an artist. I have been very fortunate and I just want to show my gratitude. So, the next time you're on set and see an extra hitting his mark, thank him for being there. Being acknowledged for your contribution, no matter how small, is always appreciated. Paul Borst Los Angeles Local WHERE ARE THE WOMEN? Skimming through the latest SAG-AFTRA magazine, I was struck by the lack of female and diverse faces in the advertisements for the award nominees. Yes, I know, many of the ads are for movies or TV shows about men, but even Gravity's Sandra Bullock has to share her page. Invisible women indeed! Don't even ask about the lack of ethnic diversity. is is the 21st Century? ankfully we had Rita Moreno, solo cover girl, Latina, Life Achievement recipient. Brava, Rita! Katherine O'Sullivan New York Local PICK SAG-AFTRA I'm a union actor/freelance photographer and like to recycle my member ID cards into guitar picks, as in this photo. Viva SAG-AFTRA! Jerry Martinez New York Local EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Pamela Greenwalt Managing Editor Damon Romine Associate Managing Editor Leslie Simmons Senior Graphic Designer Yvette Youssefia Senior Writer/Photographer Tom Leupold Advertising Sales Ron omas (323) 634-8144 Editorial Subcommittee Liz Zazzi (chair) Assaf Cohen (vice chair) Joe Krebs (vice chair) Jeff Austin Susan Boyd Joyce Angela Bullock Mike Hodge Mary McDonald-Lewis Woody Schultz John Carroll Lynch (alternate) Nic Nassuet (alternate) Jenny O'Hara (alternate) Sharon Washington (alternate) Contributors Colleen Aho, Richard Baldwin, Vicki Balich, Hope Barkan, Anna Calderon, Susana Carrillo, Brenda Ching, Julie Crane, Chelsea Danley, Shelley Figures, Marcia Fishman, Tom Flynn, Bernadine Goldberg, Melissa Goodman, Ellen Huang, Nancy Kelly, Jennifer Lurey, Zino Macaluso, Ilyanne Morden Kichaven, Pat O'Donnell, Josh Reese, Donna Reed, Merrilyn Romen, Linda Swenson, Toni-Ann Syncon, Ron omas, Danielle Van Lier, Charli Wilson, Valerie Yaros 2013 ILCA Award Winner for Best Publication Design LETTERS TO THE EDITOR must be signed with your full name and local affiliation (limited to 150 words). Selected letters may be edited for accuracy, space and clarity. Every effort will be made to preserve the author's intended substance. This section is not available to sitting national board members. SEND LETTERS TO: Letters to the Editor SAG-AFTRA Magazine 5757 Wilshire Boulevard, 7th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90036 Letters may also be faxed to (323) 549-6500 or emailed to magazine. 04_masthead_F.indd 4 4/24/14 7:45 PM - 9

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