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April 2011

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LIQUEURS Delicious, Naturally Y ou’ve heard of farm to table. Now, there’s bean to bottle—a new campaign by Kahlúa to raise awareness of the heritage brand. If you’re asking, “Who hasn’t heard of Kahlúa?” brand spokesman Andrew Nash can tell you the surprising results of a consumer survey Pernod Ricard, Kahlúa’s parent company, conducted. “A huge number couldn’t tell us that it was made from coffee, or that it was from Mexico,” he reports. “About half believed it was a cream liqueur because of the way it was drunk with milk.” Previous campaigns spoke about Kahlúa as exotic, which Nash says was too vague. “That confused consumers: What is exotic? It could be suntan lotion,” Nash says. Now the appear- ance of “real” people helps “bring the delicious lifestyle to life.” Now, he says, the communications are “very much about going back to the brand roots and place of origin.” The new “Delicioso” campaign tells the story, emphasizing the origins of the liquor in Veracruz, and using celebrities to drive the message home. Television and print ads show model and actress Ana de la Reguera—herself a Veracruz native—lounging in a fi eld of sugar- cane, a scenario that evokes Kahlúa’s naturalness and locally sourced ingredients. The local sugarcane spirit—called rum elsewhere—is the base spirit in Kahlúa. THE NEW “DELICIOSO” CAMPAIGN FROM KAHLÚA DEEPENS CONSUMER APPRECIATION OF THE MEXICAN COFFEE LIQUEUR by Lana Bortolot “Delicioso” will also call upon the equally photogenic chef Aarón Sanchez, co-star of Food Network’s hit series Chefs vs. City, to create recipes that complement Kahlúa. Sanchez will also lend his celebrity to a promotion, called “Delicious Night In,” that invites consumers to spend time at home with food, friends and Kahlúa, with a chance to win a night of hospitality with the chef at his New York City restaurant, and a four-day trip to Veracruz for four. “We’re not reinventing the brand. What we’re talking about now is based on the truth of the brand. We’re just tell- ing consumers more things about it, in different and bold ways,” says Nash. Actress and Veracruz native Ana de la Reguera lounges in a fi eld of sugarcane in a new Kahlúa campaign designed to evoke the brand’s naturalness. PHOTO COURTESY OF PERNOD RICARD USA 34 / the tasting panel / april 201 1

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