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April 2011

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The F&B Team at The Palmer House Hilton in Chicago Sasa Sinanagic Stephen Henry Lounge Manager and Executive Chef THE 1 2 3 4 5 LIST Stephen Henry’s Five Pet Peeves Hot food on cold plates—your food will always be cold! Waitstaff who take a bottle of wine halfway around the room to chill it and the guest never sees it again Waiters who disappear at the end of an otherwise great restaurant experience A noisy table with that one person who is just a little too loud When guests with reservations are seated at the bar to wait for a table and then have to pay out their tab before being seated. Why can’t they pay it with their meal? Stephen Henry’s Top Five Faves 1 Sasa Sinanagic. 13 days later, but Potter rebuilt across the street, creating the world’s fi rst fi reproof hotel. The fi rst guest checked in on November 8, 1873. Located in the heart of the Chicago Loop, The Palmer House Hilton stands as an icon within walking distance of the city’s famed cultural, business and shopping destinations. Executive Chef Stephen N. Henry is a 29-year veteran of the culinary arts profession. A native of Dublin, Ireland, Henry began his culinary career at the age of 15 as a chef’s apprentice. It was here on a daily basis that he peeled 50 pounds of Dublin Bay shrimp—a task that might deter others from moving forward on the long, often arduous road toward becoming a chef. Chef Henry began his ascent to his present position as the internationally renowned Shelbourne Hotel in Dublin in 1985, where he functioned as Chef Garde Manger. It was during this time that a scholarship was presented to Henry by the National Tourism Authority, granting him the opportunity to come to the United States and work with Hilton Hotels Corporation. Trends come and go in the hospitality industry. What never changes is the importance of good service. Sasa Sinanagic, Manager at Lockwood and Potter’s Lounge, learned this lesson early. While working as an apprentice at the classic Maritim Hotel in Würzburg, Germany, the hotel’s food and beverage manager taught him that no matter how attractive the property or trendy the menu, good service is what consistently draws guests back. Today, Sinanagic, a native of Bosnia who started his hotel and restaurant career in Germany and holds a Bachelor of Science in hospitality and tourism management from Roosevelt University in Chicago, shares this message with his staff at The Palmer House. D 120 / the tasting panel / april 201 1 Executive Chef Stephen Henry. ating back to 1871, The Palmer House was originally a wedding gift from business magnate Potter Palmer to his wife, Bertha. The Chicago Fire destroyed the structure 2 3 4 5 Todd English’s Olives at Bellagio in Las Vegas; when I fl y in during the morn- ing, I enjoy going to the bar and having lunch there. My all-time favorite foods are comfort foods: a really well-done casserole and stew. My brother lives near the Curragh Racecourse in Ireland—there’s nothing better than having a beer there and watching the races. Handy work at home: from lawn care to house care, I love it all! Chicago Cutlery knives: nice blades, wooden handles, not too expensive Our series continues, thanks to Funkin fresh fruit purées, a brand that supports the integrity of the Food and Beverage people in our industry. Taking Inventory with. . . “ 10 ”

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