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Page 38 of 51 Post • February 2014 37 AE plug-in enhances lighting T EMPLE CITY, CA — Zaxwerks (http://zax- recently released 3D Invigora- tor Pro V.7, an Adobe After Effects plug-in that can add 3D stage lighting to a project. Users can easily control and animate hundreds of lights, visible light beams and lens flares to cre- ate a 3D lighting environment. Light beams come with many atmospheric looks and a menu of choices can produce streaky, puffy or hazy looks. In addition, users can apply light beams, flares, trusses and fixtures to After Effect's own 3D lights. This means that AE lights no longer have to float in 3D space. Giving them real fixtures and trusses helps anchor them in reality and increases realism. 3D Invigorator Pro V.7 is available from the Zaxwerks Website and from select resellers. Pric- ing is $299 and upgrade options are available. Cine Text simplifies titling in FCP S ARATOGA SPRINGS, UT — Cine Text is the first animated title package from Cineflare (http:// The tool allows Final Cut Pro X users to quickly design animated text titles. Cine Text comes with 20 different custom-made animated titles. The tool is located in the titles browser of Final Cut Pro X, making it easy to access. Users just drag and drop a chosen title onto their timeline. They can choose a font and adjust the parameters to their liking. In addition, each title comes with a quick-choose, drop-down menu that allows users to select one of six different screen positions. Controls for title animations include build in and build out, font face, size, opacity, color, and position. "Position Type" allows users to quickly change the posi- tions of their titles without having to manually re- position the text each time. Pricing is $49. B OSTON — Noise Industries' ( FrostyGlass is a set of eight customizable plug- ins for FCP X that can enhance video projects by simulating the effect of glass distortions. Frosty- Glass includes a filter effect, a theme and a title generator. The filter creates a frosty glass distortion on top of a video. Pros can use one or two glass panels and customize them. The theme includes several easy-to-use elements for creating main titles, lower thirds, bumpers and identifiers. FrostyGlass is priced at $49 and pros can download a free trial. Frost & glass FX for FCP X Plug-Ins XMesh condenses animation files L OS ANGELES — In December, Thinkbox Software ( released XMesh, a geometry-caching tool for saving animated scene geometry in a condensed format. The results are smaller files that can be loaded faster, as well as manip- ulated and shared across facilities and applications. XMesh is compatible with Autodesk's 3DS Max and Maya. The plug-in consolidates files and is multi-thread- ed, allowing artists to quickly open, share and receive CG assets from other internal departments or exter- nal facilities. XMesh's loader is free and independent of XMesh's saver. This allows users to view work without the need of a license. XMesh is priced at $495, which includes one year of support and maintenance. The XMesh saver license can be applied interchangeably to Maya or Max. 'Resonance' creates abstract VFX H ONG KONG — Artixels (www.artix- has released the new visual effects software plug-in, Resonance for Nuke. The high performance image genera- tor is designed for look development and abstract effects purposes. Based on a fully- vectorized caustics rendering engine and multiple user-directed wave emitters, Res- onance allows artists to create sophisti- cated, organic visuals quickly. There is no inter-frame dependency of Resonance outputs — users are always free to scrub through the timeline for maximum interactive creative design free- dom. Resonance also features in-viewer controls so the artist doesn't have to go back and forth to the control panel.

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