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User/Prev. User ECD CD Art Director Copy Writer Account Mgr Studio Ar st Traffi c Produc on Round Job # Descrip on Last Modifi ed Client Bleed Trim Live Gu er Print Scale Publica on CONTENT SETUP Loca on Fonts Placed Graphics Inks Trade Gothic (Bold, Light, Bold No. 2, Oblique; Type 1), Min- ion Pro (Regular; OpenType), Interstate (BoldCondensed; G-Technology_logo_HD_CMYK_HiRes_0613.eps (3.7MB; 21%), Pro_Choice_Bkgrd. f (CMYK; 242 ppi, 240 ppi; 8.5MB; 123.96%, 124.7%), WLAP_Vincent_ss1_CMYK. jpg (CMYK; 262 ppi; 1.2MB; 27.38%), L1_Laforet_Red_ Gray_Back_Crop copy. f (CMYK; 206 ppi; 3.8MB; 145%), LaforetPlane_CMYK. f (CMYK; 695 ppi; 23.4MB; 50.31%), Laforet_USOpen_CMYK. f (CMYK; 540 ppi; 15.8MB; 44.96%), ©Laforet_Visuals_IMG_2018_CMYK.jpg (CMYK; 1405 ppi; 14.8MB; 5.12%), G_Raid_Thunder- bolt_Hero_HiRes_CMYK_apply mask.psd (CMYK; 1642 Cyan, Magenta, Yel- low, Black WDCW | Noel Espiritu Xerox Color 550 13HIT0287A HGST WLAP Lucas Gilman & Vincent Laforet Print 9-26-2013 5:38 PM HGST 10.25" x 12.25" 10" x 12" 9.75" x 11.75" None None POST (Oct Issue) Court Crandall N/A B. Salas J. Choe J. Tade N. Espiritu R. Thompson A. Wise 2 / FINAL Noel Espiritu / Noel Espiritu PERSONNEL WORKS LIKE A PRO Thunderbolt and the Thunderbolt logo are trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. Design by G-Technology in California. G-RAID, G-SPEED, G-Technology logo and G-Technology are registered trademarks of HGST, Inc. and its affi liates in the U.S. and other countries. ©2013 G-Technology, a division of HGST, Inc. All rights reserved. Choosing the right drives is an obsession for Vincent Laforet. That's why he says, "My workfl ow always involves backing everything up to a G-RAID and having a second RAID solution on-set." The fact is, slower storage systems will simply grind to a halt when confronted with scrubbing timelines of 5K footage. With 12x the transfer speed of FireWire ® , G-RAID with Thunderbolt cuts through transfers, edits and renders in record time. And with dual Thunderbolt ports for daisy-chaining up to six peripherals at high speeds, your workfl ow has room to grow with your vision. With four drive bays holding up to 12 TB per enclosure, G-SPEED eS writes at up to 158 MB/s in a RAID 5 confi guration. You'll get up to 208 MB/s in RAID 0 and 355 MB/s when paired with a second G-SPEED eS enclosure in RAID 5. So even with a staggering load of 6 GB per minute pushing throughput to 100 MB/s, G-SPEED eS ensures no one ever breaks a sweat. Visit to learn more about how G-Technology storage can help you work like a pro. From location to studio to post, pros like Vincent Laforet stake their reputations on the unmatched performance and fl exibility of G-Technology storage solutions. " YOU JUST WANT DRIVES THAT WORK ALL THE TIME. THAT'S G-TECHNOLOGY." – Vincent Laforet, Pulitzer Prize-winning photographer and pioneering fi lmmaker S:9.75" S:11.75" T:10" T:12" B:10.25" B:12.25"

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