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February 2014

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34 / the tasting panel / february 2014 Positive Products It's not jut some Zen hot air: A positive atitude in life goes a long way on the path to suces. And while the products on these pages may not be repeating "I think I can, I think I can" like some anthropomorphic Thomas the Train, we at Marketplace think these drinks, dodads and delicious treats have the right mentality: From the al-natural and healthful, to the inovative and inspiring, these products make us want to turn lemons to lemonade—or Ramos Gin Fizzes! by Rachel Burkons Can Do In today's beverage world, there's a growing diversity in packaging that's proving there's more than one way to transport liquid from point A to B. From award-winning boxed wines, to RTD cocktail pouches, there's something for everyone, and now, cans are getting into the game. Cuba Libre Rum and Coke is here to give consumers the classic cocktail in portable, beach-friendly containers that your customers will love. With the refreshing appeal of a freshly-popped soda and light Caribbean rum, this cocktail- in-a-can may not be mixology magic, but it will keep your LDA Millennial customers happy as a clam in a can. If you thought the words "Oregon Pinot" and "in a can" were mutually exclusive, think again: Union Wine Company is here to prove that wines can can too. A portable part of the winery's Underwood line, this Pinot is light and clear, with bright fruit and undeniable party- popping appeal. Swet and Stickies Here in Marketplace's Southern California home base, fresh fruit is a blessing all year long. But we know many of our readers are widespread across the tundra this winter, so we propose a taste of summer's sweet relief with Scrumptious Pantry Heirloom Fruit Curd, offered in sweet, all- natural lavors like pawpaw, ligonberry and huckleberry. Made from heirloom varietals of native U.S. fruit, these sweet toppings are an ideal topping to a variety of gourmet baked goods, and your customers will love exploring endless options for these supertasty treats. On the spicier end of the lavor spectrum is a spiced port offer- ing from Tart Bites, a company that specializes in adorable little gourmet tartlets that are perfectly complemented by this spiced jelly. Operated by two ladies who love wine, Tart Bites also offers custom wine jellies, which can be made from any bottle of your choosing and comes complete with a custom label.

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