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These companies Audio Tobias Enhus uses Symbolic’s Kyma and Pacarana to compose for the series Look. prove you don’t have to be large to have a big impact. Innovations By Ron DiCesare The innovative peoplebehind the audio post products we use every day should never be taken for granted.They are audio pioneers and risk-takers who are bold enough to reshape how the audio industry works. Mobile technology, virtual control,Wi-fi, Ethernet and Bluetooth are just a few of the tools that are going to be a part of our audio future. SYMBOLIC SOUND Carla Scaletti, president of Symbolic Sound ( in Champaign, IL, is one of the brilliant minds who is reshaping how audio is done. Kyma defies conven- tional description, but some may call it a sound supercomputer or a sound designer’s dream come true. Scaletti defines the system as a software environment for creating, ma- nipulating and combining sounds. The hardware component, called the Pacarana, combined with the powerful software, makes Kyma a truly innovative approach to sound.“I don’t think of Kyma as being a syn- thesizer,” Scaletti explains.“I think of it as being a language; it’s like a computer language for describing sound. I think that people are ready for this kind of an idea.Today there is a gen- eration of people who’ve grown up with analog synthesizers and computers.Those peo- ple are the ones who can immediately understand Kyma.” Even though Kyma may not be widely known, it has been heard and used in many popular films, commercials and TV shows, in- cluding the new series Look on Showtime. In 2008,

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