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GOING DIGITAL Fixing the System LISTEN UP, SALES REPS: GROOVE WANTS TO BE YOUR WINGMAN Discover MONGOLIAN VODKA The Soyombo flaming mojito 'The flame has three branches that stand for the past, present and future that will flourish three times'. For a video method for the above recipe and for more SOYOMBO recipes please visit our website. S ean Dunn brings two things to the wine industry: a decade of experience in filmmaking and a penchant for telling unique and interesting stories. Dunn is Managing Director for Groove, a digital and social marketing company based in Sausalito, CA. They've worked with some big names like Diageo, Treasury Wine Estates, Napa Valley Vintners, Sun Microsystems and Cisco, and the key to their success lies in telling a clear story that is meaningful and effective. Dunn believes wine, spirits and beer producers have an opportunity to mend the disjointed conversation he sees taking place in the three-tier system: "It's our responsibility to use technology and social platforms to makes sure that same story is being channeled all the way to the consumer." Beginning in 2004 Dunn set out to fix crucial communication breakdowns within the three-tier system. "I saw how the core story changed from producer to distributor to trade managers on down to their staff, the on- and off-premise folks who are supposed to communicate the 'story' to the consumer. The story was becoming very disjointed." The solution, Dunn realized, was to have a companion in the room at all times. Groove developed a proprietary multi-device platform with the sales rep in mind, and named it Wingman. The platform aims to streamline information in what Dunn refers to as a "four-tier system"—marking the consumer as the final frontier. "Let's say you're on a laptop at home," says Dunn, "prepping for the next day, getting updates on brands from your training modules. The Wingman platform allows you to extract crucial data and push it to your mobile devices—videos, sell sheets, winemaker names, accolades and anything you need to look cool in the next presentation." Wingman even makes a Powerpoint-like presentation possible, culling information, videos, images and analytics from your company's database. Reps in the field can even leverage information about a potential buyer's demographics. Wingman has you covered "for those times when you're literally chasing a buyer up and down an aisle," says Dunn. "The bottom line is that everyone closes a sale differently, and Wingman is a tool that allows it to be 'your call.'" —Jonathan Cristaldi For more information please contact: SOYOMBO VODKA IS A REGISTERED TRADEMARK © 2013 Please enjoy Soyombo responsibly © 2013 APU Joint Stock Company, Soyombo Vodka 40% Alcohol by Volume, Imported by APU (Manhasset, NY) TP1213_034-63.indd 55 11/23/13 8:26 PM

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