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WHAT WE'RE DRINKING WHITE SPIRITS FROM DEATH'S DOOR WILL SEE YOU THROUGH THE WINTER Clear Winners While we often think of brown spirits when the weather turns cold, white spirits are just as capable of keeping the fires burning, especially when used as a base for seasonal cocktails. We love these new classics from Death's Door Spirits and the polished style they bring to wintery mixed drinks. Death's Door White Whiskey is unapologetically a white spirit, making it an excellent selection for vodka cocktails such as the Moscow Mule, or a fine substitute for tequila in a Margarita or Paloma. I can even bring a moonshine glow to a Manhattan, as in this recipe. Death's Door White Whisky is a pioneer, confident enough in itself to bring credibility to—and even define—the still developing clear whiskey category. Education is a key component for success with this spirit, and Death's Door is diligent in its efforts to impart the lore of clear whiskey across the country to bartenders and mixologists seeking a versatile base with a malty back palate. Organic Washington Island Wheat comprises 80% of the mash, while organic malted barley from Wisconsin makes up the other 20%. The spirit is double-distilled up to 160 proof, rested in stainless steel and finished in uncharred American oak barrels to help bring the white whisky together and to meld this unique spirit's flavors. Blonde Manhattan ◗ 2 oz. Death's Door White Whisky ◗ 1 oz. bianco/blanc vermouth ◗ ¼ oz. Bénédictine, Galliano or Maraschino liqueur (e.g., Luxardo) Death's Door Gin embraces the farm-to-bottle ethic of less-is-more. Only three ingredients—fennel, coriander and juniper, which grow locally—are used to create this Wisconsin spirit. But it seems to be enough, as the spicy coriander notes, followed by the notable fennel finish, ensure this gin is a stand-out in the category. Organic Washington Island wheat and organic malted barley from Wisconsin are used, copperfastening the brand's promise to source locally. Death's Door Gin represents a highly approachable base for mixologists who like a versatile friend with whom to work—big enough to stand up to classic or vintage cocktail treatment, but soft enough to be enjoyed on the rocks or as a Dry Martini. Crimson Flourish ◗ 1 oz. Death's Door Gin ◗ 1 oz. fresh blood orange juice ◗ ½ oz. cherry brandy (e.g., Peter Heering Cherry Heering) ◗ ¾ oz. fresh lemon juice ◗ garnish: blood orange slice   ◗ 2 dashes orange bitters (e.g., Reagan's No. ◗ Shake all ingredients in iced cocktail 6 or Fee's) or peach bitters or lemon bitters ◗ garnish: orange twist shaker.  Strain into chilled cocktail or Martini glass and garnish with blood orange slice.  ◗ Stir the ingredients in iced shaker glass.  Strain into chilled cocktail or Martini glass and garnish with an orange twist. 52  /  the tasting panel  / december 2013 TP1213_034-63.indd 52 11/23/13 8:26 PM

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