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CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENTS At the SAG-AFTRA National former co-presidents honored K en Howard and Roberta Reardon, the former co-presidents of Following a video recap of the events leading up to merger, Executive Convention, officers and SAG-AFTRA, received a special Vice President Gabrielle Carteris delegates considered tribute at the convention's Friday night and National Executive Director amendments to the SAG-AFTRA celebration. The two were instrumental David White invited Reardon to the Constitution. The following in putting SAG and AFTRA on the path stage, where she was thanked for her were approved. to merger and provided the vision to leadership and presented a memento. guide the new union through its initial Howard was unable to attend because transitional period. of his filming schedule, and White 2013-CA-01 An errata amendment, making a correction to Article VI(F) (p.21). accepted the honor on his behalf. National Vice President, Small Locals 2013-CA-02 An errata amendment, making a correction to Article VIII(E) (p.29). David Hartley-Margolin and National Board member Susan Boyd Joyce also 2013-CA-03 2013-CA-04 Prohibits the union from charging fees (other than dues) to cover the union's expenses for the collection, distribution or administration of residuals and rerun fees, other than those exempted by Article IV Section B, or those intended to ensure the fair contribution of non-members and non-agency fee payers. Article XI(F) (pp. 38-39) 2013-CA-05 If a national officer is elected to fill a vacancy, the national board may fill the vacancy created thereby at the same meeting if the vacancy created is the office of president, executive vice president or secretary-treasurer. Article VI(I)(5) (p. 25) For complete language of the constitutional amendments log in to your member account and visit 62 SAG-AFTRA 58-71_convention_v13.indd 62 stepped to the podium to offer their congratulations and thank Reardon and Howard for their devotion to making merger a reality. Reardon was visibly moved by the gesture. "It has been a long and sometimes difficult road to get to tonight, but I VALERIE MACON/SAG-AFTRA With exceptions, permits convention to delegate all or part of the convention's authority to amend the constitution to the national board through Jan. 1, 2016, provided that no amendment may be adopted unless 30 days written or electronic notice of the proposed amendment has been provided to each local. If authority is delegated, any amendment adopted by the national board must be adopted by the same supermajority as would be required for the amendment to be adopted by the convention. Article XVIII(A) (new subsection to be added) honors exemplary service to the union (see page 64). A special tribute was also given to former union Co-Presidents Ken Howard and Roberta Reardon for their leadership leading to merger and during the combined union's first year (see above). The night was capped off with a performance by the Dorian Holley Band. Holley is the lead singer of the Rickey Minor Band on The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. U.S. Secretary of Labor Thomas Perez delivered an impassioned speech on the convention's third day. Perez, too, spoke of the benefits of unity. "As you embark on this remarkable journey together as one, the fact of the matter is people can't play you off each wouldn't change one minute of it," she said. other anymore. That's really important," he said. "I want to thank you for the work that you do. While I go into the court of law, you go into the court that is much bigger. That's the court of public opinion — winning the minds and hearts of the people." VIPs who were unable to attend sent recorded greetings to the delegates. Among them were Vice President Joe Biden; Sen. Elizabeth Warren, and Rep. Judy Chu. But educational activities and fun aside, convention is a time for business. Delegates vigorously debated, discussed and voted on amendments to the Continues on page 66 | Fall 2013 | 11/13/13 4:42 PM

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