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JOE VANDALSEM Director of 3D Post Production Paradise FX Van Nuys,CA A stereo 3D production company that manufactures the Paradise FX Tri-Delta 4K and 2K stereoscopic systems, Paradise FX also provides on-set post services.The company supplied the features Jackass 3D and the upcoming A Dolphin’s Tale 3D and Fright Night 3D with digital lab services and/or Tri-Delta rigs and trained specialists. STRENGTHS: “Progress in technology, especially in 3D camera rigs,makes it possible to use 3D as an additional tool for dramatic sto- rytelling. Our systems provide the versatility to capture virtually any shooting situation. If you want 3D that’s really out there you can cre- ate it, but the technology provides many options for using 3D today.” WEAKNESSES:“There’s still a perception that 3D can be a gim- mick. Sticking or throwing stuff off screen and into the audience’s face is always the first thing people assume, however, as a creative tool 3D can be applied to enhance the storytelling process. People need to understand that 3D has advanced to the point where it can be done in a way that will enhance storytelling for any genre of film.” OPPORTUNITIES:“Because 3D is so new, there’s a lot of room for new jobs.We have found with each new project we are asked to come up with different applications for our existing technology and most times the need to develop a new version of our 3D camera systems to accomplish the director’s goals.The same goes with digi- tal lab services. My job simply didn’t exist before; the growing needs and demands from production allows for more opportunities to provide post and processing solutions on location. “There are opportunities for manufacturers, too.Working on Dolphin’s Tale 3D gave us the opportunity to work with Peter Zuc- carini in developing some new designs for underwater camera rigs. At Paradise FX we initially adapted our handheld Steadicam rig for underwater shooting then pushed to see if we could help Peter house our 4K rig so now shooters have the option to use our 4K or 2K rigs underwater. Software developers are also adding 3D toolsets. Iridas added custom 3D tools to SpeedGrade making it possible for me to quickly turn around 3D dailies on set. “It’s encouraging to see all the major manufacturers introducing 3D TVs.There will be a need for a lot of new media to be created for the new 3D TV networks, and I think [content creation] may pick up quickly as it did for HD.” THREATS: “I’m concerned sometimes that the studios just want to make 3D movies because it’s the hot thing to do right now; they may do a rush conversion or shoot 3D in a way that doesn’t en- hance storytelling for anybody.The result of that could be a long- term reluctance on the part of the audience to watch 3D because they’ve seen bad 3D and felt it’s not for them.” OUTLOOK ON 2011: “My hopeful outlook is that 2011 will be the breakthrough year for 3D in the US and internationally. I'm es- pecially interested to see what happens in the gaming industry as I feel 3D gaming like we're seeing on the PS3 will be a major force for 3DTV sales. If the gamers embrace 3D, the viewer-base for 3D at home will grow considerably.This will help push for more 3D content, which will lead to more jobs, and more 3D growth.” RANDALL P. DARK President/CEO Randall Dark Productions Austin,TX An HD pioneer, Randall P. Dark is a writer, director and producer in the entertainment industry. Most recently he produced and directed two stereo 3D documentaries, Three Cities in 3D and December 2010 • Post 27 Paradise FX supplied its services for Jackass 3D. 3D S TEREO PHOTO: LINDY MICHELLE

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