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LAUNCH PAD Possibly the biggest hit of the night was the Berry, Berry Romantic THE TASTING PANEL HAS AN INTIMATE RENDEZVOUS WITH NEW CHAMBORD FLAVORED VODKA AT NYC’S HOTEL GANSEVOORT ith autumn unfurling in New York and love in the air, Chambord held a fuchsia-colored celebration at the Gansevoort Park Avenue in New York to introduce the new, modern look of its classic globe-shaped bottle, along with the debut of the company’s new Chambord Flavored Vodka. Enthusiasts of the black raspberry–flavored liqueur flocked to the modern Midtown New York hotel for the party, eager to taste cocktails made with Perrier and Chambord. Guests mingled around the pool, which had a giant pinup girl portrait on its tiled floor and purple Chambord-branded paper lanterns hanging above it. Waitresses circulated in tight Chambord mini-dresses, serving cocktails and appetizers as a DJ spun a chill Indie and New Disco set. W Sexy Spin With its tasty amalgam of raspberries, blackberries, Madagascar vanilla and cognac, Chambord is the stuff of romance, and certainly that loving feeling was not lost on its party guests or the hotel’s staff. Jessica Randall, New York State On- Premise Manager with Brown-Forman, was happy to sound off on what she finds romantic: “Nice long dinners with good conversation. And I much prefer to stay in.” Others had a more provocative, if not downright sexy, spin on their ideas of love and romance. “Romance is someone who takes control,” rhapsodized Evelyn Gonzalez, Sales Consultant for Empire Merchants. “Because I’m always in control, I want someone who doesn’t make me do all the work.” blogger and chef Paula Block said she finds Chambord the most romantic of all the specialty liqueurs. “And Chambord is great to cook with—espe- cially chicken and pork,” she added. New Love Interest Well-loved since the early 1970s, Chambord has always been considered timeless. The new Chambord Flavored Vodka was the life of the party. But the brand’s new vodka is something else entirely. A unique blend of premium French vodka with hints of hibiscus and white chocolate, it has a smooth flavor reminiscent of its regal sister and, judging by how it was received at the launch party, will surely find a popular place among today’s young, urban vodka enthusiasts. When the last raspberry crêpe was consumed and the final fruit gleaned from the myriad Martini glasses, guests began to leave, descending to the street. Chatter in the elevator confirmed our suspicion: Everyone was having a love affair with Chambord, and no one seemed to get enough. But that’s the way true love is. See our feature story on Chambord vodka on p. 54 literally upside-down Aero Bartender, suspended by her feet on lamp-lit scaffolding while serving Chambord Martinis. by Adriana DiGennaro / photos by Alexis Barrera . november 2010 / the tasting panel / 25

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