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Compiled by Julian Peeples Quotes & Numbers 14 Number of weeks of leave with full pay for educators who are pregnant or experience pregnancy-related health issues, as proposed in CTA-sponsored AB 2901 (see page 20). 100 Percentage of CTA-recommended local school measures that passed in the March Primary Election. 88% of state Senate recommendations and 86% of Assembly endorsements were also successful. See rundown on page 40. 1,000 to 1 Average ratio of students to school psychologists in California public schools, according to EdSource. The National Association of School Psychologists recommends one school psych for every 500 students. 175 Micro-credentials offered by CTA/NEA, with 23 specifically for education support professionals. Visit certifications to learn more. " They organize and lead the project, and then reflect on their work and how it affects the community — all real-world skills that prepare them for a broad scope of experiences in their lives." — Katrina Mundy, Anaheim Secondary Teachers Association member, discussing student-led community schools projects in a February NEA Today story. " Investing in early childhood education equals investing in our youngest learners getting a head start to reach their full potential." — Secretary of Education Dr. Miguel Cardona, in a February social media post. " Educators devote their lives to their students; yet, when it comes to their own families, they have to constantly sacrifice because of the lack of basic supports such as paid pregnancy leave. In a field that is primarily women, we need to do better." — CTA Secretary-Treasurer Erika Jones, on CTA-sponsored AB 2901 that would end a long-standing inequity (see page 20). " It means that I can f ight for a better living wage because meeting the basic needs of people is simply not enough here in California anymore." — Danny Avitia, San Diego State University student worker, after 20,000 student workers at California State University campuses voted to join California State University Employees Union in February. " I want to give public school teachers a raise!" — President Joe Biden, in March's State of the Union address. 13 A P R I L / M AY 2 0 24 I

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