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WHAT WE'RE DRINKING A Passion Pursued STYLISH DOUBLE CROSS VODKA PAYS TRIBUTE TO SLOVAKIA by Megan Wieczorek / photos by Rob Brown Double Cross On-Premise From classic Martinis to signature cocktails, Double Cross Vodka is one of the top choices among mixologists looking for both quality and style. Mastro's Restaurants is one of the premier establishments that have made good use of this brand's attention-grabbing qualities. "Double Cross is such a versatile spirit, and it's very popular with our customers, " reports Robbi Jo Oliver, Director of Wine and Spirits for Mastro's. Whether you like your Double Cross straight up or prefer some creative liberties, this signature cocktail served at The Penthouse at Mastro's Beverly Hills is a great source of inspiration. "Double Cross is well made and serves as the perfect backbone to work with to create a really special drink, " says Dan Oliver, Corporate Bar Trainer for Mastro's and one of the creators of this signature cocktail. The Double Cross ◗ 3 jalapeños slices, seeded ◗ Splash of simple syrup ◗ 3 count Cedilla Açaí Liqueur ◗ 1 orange slice ◗ 1 lemon wedge ◗ 3 counts Double Cross Vodka ◗ Orange peel for garnish ◗ Lightly press first three ingredients in the bottom of a highball glass to incorporate jalapeño flavor. Squeeze in the juice from the orange and lemon; discard peels. Add Double Cross and fill the glass with ice. Garnish with orange peel. T housands of miles across the world, in a picturesque Slovakian mountain town, pure quality is being crafted. Finding this particular location—and developing the creation process behind Double Cross Vodka— was no easy feat. It began several years ago when longtime vodka connoisseur Dr. Malcolm Lloyd traded in his surgical scrubs to pursue his passion for high-quality vodka. To pursue his goal, Malcolm joined forces with godfather and business partner John Gellner. The pair began to seek a traditional European distillery and a Master Distiller who would be able to make the vodka of their dreams a reality. Malcolm and John's one-way ticket led them to Eastern Europe, where their trip eventually culminated in Slovakia. It was here that the duo found spirits maven Dr. Jan Krak, a veteran of the distillation craft for more than 40 years. After In its stunning bottle, Double Cross months of tampering and testing, the Vodka is ideal for classic Martinis as well threesome created the premier product as creative cocktails such as The Double that would become Double Cross Vodka. Cross (right) from Mastro's Beverly Hills. Since its debut in September 2008, Double Cross Vodka has experienced overwhelming success. Named for the emblem on the country's coat of arms, Double Cross pays homage to the culture and traditions of Slovakia. The beautifully unique packaging features a stately silhouette with Slovak poetry artfully inscribed on the back of each transparent bottle. "We wanted something to disrupt the backbar and grab consumers' attention," explains Lisa Barnes, Southern California Market Manager for Double Cross. Aside from innovative packaging, the true craft of Double Cross lies within the bottle. Made with estate-grown winter wheat and Tatra Mountain spring water drawn from 200-foot-deep aquifers, Double Cross Vodka is seven-times distilled and seven-times filtered. The result is a vodka of unparalleled purity and character. Lisa Barnes, Southern Product of a passionate pursuit, Double Cross is a California Market Manager true stand-out in the crowded vodka category, made for Double Cross, enjoys for adventurous aficionados who have an eye for a spicy Double Cross cocktail at The Penthouse at quality and a taste for purity. As Barnes puts it: "This is a vodka that you trade up to." Maestro's Beverly Hills. august 2013  /  the tasting panel  /  37 TP0813_034-65.indd 37 7/24/13 9:47 PM

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