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Fact or Fiction When it's so hot outside that you can't tell whether that poolside cabana quaff is indeed a refreshing Daiquiri or mere desert mirage, the lines between fact and fiction can get a little blurred. With new products rolling out every day designed to bring the world of television, film and literature to the realm of wines and spirits, things are getting fuzzier than ever. Check out some products that help you drink while watching your favorite TV show, and a few artistic endeavors that will inspire you. by Rachel Burkons Space-Worthy Sipper Nothing Unseemly with this Bombshell Ok, Trekkies, get ready to geek out: There's now a Star Trek wine, proving that space is no longer the final frontier for the enologically-inclined Vulcan in all of us. A Sonoma-sourced red blend (a "vintage Château Picard" with "the unique qualities of a Klingon blood wine"), three uniquely designed artist labels reference the iconic series' most popular episodes, from the Spok-meets-Spok episode, Mirror Mirror, to the mind-bending City on the Edge of Forever. With packaging worthy of Ten Forward (that's the Starship Enterprise's bar, for you non-Trek-fluent) and juice that's intergalactically good, Star Trek the wine is sure to have you demanding, "Beam me up" for more. Although Wines by Lolita has nothing more in common with the famed Nabokov novel than a name, Marketplace is on this fiction trip, and we think it works. The newest product extension from female-friendly Lolita line of products that includes everything from glassware and gift bags to bottle stoppers and board games, Wines by Lolita is perfect for the girl's night consumer. Witty White is a friendly Italian Falanghina and Ravishing Red is a Puglia-sourced Primitivo, while Winter Sparkling is sheer girly celebration. Fun and approachable with a certain feminine allure, we can see that this Lolita is nothing like the book—and we like it that way. 106  /  the tasting panel  /  august 2013 TP0813_104-132.indd 106 7/24/13 9:40 PM

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