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August/September 2013

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hot off the press From a juicy sex life to the parched African desert, this issue's selection of books that sound intriguing includes a diverse range of topics. Happy reading! SEX MUDRAS THE PHILOS OPHER'S TABLE Energy Movement Exercises for Sexual Vitality How to Start Your Philosophy Dinner Club ~Serge Villecroix ~Marietta McCarty D I TURNING THE HOURGLASS FUTURE PRIMAL on't start reading this book if you have something else to attend to today, because you're likely to get caught up in author Serge Villecroix's tale of an indigenous tribe in the preface before you even get to the promised sex mudras, or movements used for sex. The author takes a holistic view and offers recommendations that support a healthy sex life, ranging from diet and medications to stress and intoxicating substances. The book is then divided into mudras for women, mudras for men, mudras for each alone and some to be practiced together. Don't be expecting tantra here; this is more about health. For example there is a mudra for harmonizing kidney energy, since Chinese medicine theory holds that reproductive energy is located in the kidneys. (Destiny Books) t's always a pleasure to share ideas and enjoy a lively discussion. In this handy guide that can be used similarly to book club guidelines, author Marietta McCarty suggests a different country for each month, along with a provocative bit of wisdom from that country. One person can read these thoughts aloud, or perhaps the host will simply share what has been read. Recipes from the country are given (with helpful links to more) and music suggestions are made. So, for example, September is Kenya, the topic relates to the environment (she is much more specific), one recipe is No-Knead African Seed Bread, and music includes a dozen artists with roots in Africa. There are also Resources listed for further exploration in each chapter. It's all good fodder for a quiet gathering or to get a party started. (Tarcher/Penguin) Children's Passage though Traumas and Past How Our Wilderness Origins Show Us the Way Lives ~Christine Alisa, MS Forward ~Louis G. Herman A DD and ADHD are the primary diagnoses du jour, but the overall number of children's issues we are attempting to "fix" with chemicals is exploding. While sometimes drugs are of benefit, they can also aggravate a situation and perhaps, the author posits, lead children to drug abuse as they get older. Further, they begin to identify with their diagnosis, which is usually limiting. The therapeutic alternative is much slower, but often leads to true and lasting healing. Christine Alisa presents true stories of troubled children who have been helped without medication, in their own childish words. Throughout, she offers therapist's notes to clarify details the children omit. This is a must-read for anyone who works with children in a teaching or therapeutic capacity, or is the parent or guardian of a troubled child. (AuthorHouse) 22 wholelifetimesmagazine.com T he icecaps are melting, the air is polluted and water supplies are drying up globally. Many of our ecological problems can be attributed to modern technology, so how is it possible that traditional San Bushmen huntergatherers of the South African Kalahari can offer any help? Philosopher and author Louis G. Herman argues that our deepest past is the key to our core humanity, and our only way forward. He doesn't suggest we go back to a primitive way of life, however he presents earth-based wisdom that can bring something both old and new to modern science, an approach he calls "primal politics." His deep inquiry is something to be savored and explored, so plan on spending some time with his ideas to get a full understanding of the direction (and solution) he suggests. (New World Library)

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