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18 cgw j u ly • a u g u s t • s e p t e m b e r 2 0 2 1 3D with a Twist W e all know someone in our life who pushes us beyond our comfort zone, to try new things, even when that little voice inside our head tells us we can't or we shouldn't. Enrico Casarosa, director of Disney•Pix- ar's Luca, is not one who is afraid to try new things. Casarosa, inspired by his own childhood on the Italian Riviera, challenged the studio's celebrated masters of the 3D animation domain, to try something different for Pixar's 24th feature release by incorporating a 2D cartoon aesthetic within Luca's 3D structure. Indeed, a fish-out-of- water story. In more ways than one. In Luca, young, shy, introverted, rule-fol- lowing 13-year-old Luca is befriended by free-spirited teen Alberto, who introduces him to the "finer" things on land, as the two spend an unforgettable summer on the Italian Riviera living a carefree, adventurous life as two young boys should. However, these two young boys have a big secret: They are actually sea monsters. Above water, they appear human; below the water (or wet), their true nature becomes apparent. Living this double life is risky, as the local human townspeople are oen on the lookout for sea monsters aer years of reported but unsubstantiated sightings. De- spite warnings from his parents, Luca, along with his friend, are determined to enjoy the human world filled with gelato, pasta, scoot- er rides, and more. The Vespa-obsessed Alberto has been living above the surface for some time, and his exaggerated knowledge of this unique world impresses his newfound friend. "Alberto literally drags Luca out of the water, and we discover that these sea monsters have the magical ability to transform into human form when they're dry. The inspira- tion [for the sea monsters] was sea life, like octopuses, which are able to camouflage and change the way they look," explains Casarosa, who also had a friend like Alberto who pushed him beyond his comfort zone while growing up in Genoa, a port city on the Italian Riviera. In fact, the character Alberto is inspired by Casarosa's own childhood friend, also named Alberto. The film invokes a feeling of nostalgia through its warm, painterly, watercolor style and whimsical animation. While the goal was to give the film a timeless look, the story is set in the late 1950s/early 1960s during the Italian "Golden Age" of cinema and mu- sic — a period Casarosa is particularly fond of (despite growing up in the 1980s). And, there are homages to those period movies in the form of posters and signs throughout the CG town. Transformative PIXAR'S LUCA CREATES A 2D AESTHETIC USING ITS ROBUST 3D PIPELINE BY KAREN MOLTENBREY Pals Luca and Alberto hide a secret: They are humans on land and sea monsters in the water. Images ©2021 Disney•Pixar.

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