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94 I M PS E . O R G In my annual report to the Guild, I quoted New Zealand's Prime Minister Jacinda Arden, who recently summed up 2020 this way: "This year may have been dominated by COVID-19, but for me, this year was the year of the team." That is very much how I feel about whatever we have achieved this year—that it is about a strong commitment from a team, determined to push through and do the best for our members and the industry. What we have also discovered is that the world is a smaller place than we might have thought. We are networked in new ways, and that has allowed us, as a Guild, to connect to members around the country (in some cases, around the globe) in ways that we haven't before. And we've extended that to making and strengthening connections internationally. What I found there, for example, when talking with Mark Lanza about how the MPSE was faring this year, is that we all have faced similar challenges, both personally and professionally. What hopes do you have for the new year? Fundamentally, that we learn from what we have done and have confronted this year. That the challenges we faced provide an opportunity for growth, rather than being seen as something that only defined a bad year. Especially, I hope that means continuing to connect with our members far and wide, and staying in touch with like-minded organisations such as MPSE. In difficult times, I have found leaders such as Mark Lanza to have been generous with their time, and I think that sharing of knowledge and experience will continue to be a great benefit to us all. As we have found locally, working with other organisations makes it much easier to deal with problems that seem too big for any one guild or group. I hope that we don't have to face too many of those big problems again soon, but that we can still look for other wins together. Thank you so much for your time, and all the hard work you and the ASSG Committee have put in to forwarding the organisation. The MPSE looks forward to collaborating in order to promote the global sound community. To find out more information on the ASSG, discover who won what, and watch the awards stream, please visit The 2020 ASSG Committee President: Steve Murphy Vice President: Yulia Akerholt Secretary: Justine Angus Treasurer: Adrienne Parr Members: Elaine Beckett, Mick Boraso, Nigel Christensen, Ric Curtin, Rhette Dufty, Chris Goodes, Tom Heuzenroeder, Damian Jory, Leah Katz, Andrew Simmons, Mia Stewart, and Mark Ward Top: Some of the team from The King pre-recorded an acceptance speech. Mario Vaccaro, Rob Mackenzie, Mick Boraso, Leah Katz, and Tara Webb British-born Stuart Morton, and International MPSE Board member, celebrates the second of his three wins with a glass of red wine at the Sydney event

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