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GADD'S FOURPACK Monastic Meditation and Poe-etic License Monks' Tripel Ale From the trademark-savvy monks of the Benedictine Monastery of Christ in the Desert in Abiquiu, NM, comes "real beer from real monks®" that's "made with care and prayer.®" The head leaves a skein of ecclesiastical lace on the sides of the glass, while the divinely rich nose delivers pineapple, banana and coconut, with undertones of coal tar and devotion. The tropical notes continue across the palate on a texture softer than swaddling cloth. Delicious—honest to God. SUMMER ABBEY BEVERAGE COMPANY Baltimore Washington Beer Works Pendulum Pilsner Beers inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe? Sign me up! If you think you know pilsners, try this one—we're certainly not in St. Louis anymore. It's as deep as Edgar Allan's gambling debt and twice as likely to get you into trouble. Drink up. What else is a Poe boy to do? Baltimore Washington Beer Works Raven Special Lager The full-on movie theater malt balls nose flies seamlessly over onto the palate, where a texture as velvety as a coffin lining takes over to deliver rich, funeral-lily flavors backed by hops as bitter as the memory of Annabelle Lee. When will you ever find a beer that better embodies the spirit of Poe? Quoth the raven, "Nevermore." Baltimore Washington Beer Works Tell Tale Heart Ale This IPA bursts brazen and bracing upon the prudish palate, suddenly seizing the tiny, timorous taste buds. How the Master of the Macabre might have marveled at the mastery of the malt! How the pallid poet might have fêted the febrile fervor of the heady hops, toiling to tantalize and titillate the tonsils! Wall me up, Eddie: I really have to stop drinking this stuff now. These Abbey Beverage Company and Baltimore Washington Beer Works beers are now available in the California market through Gramercy Beverage Company; TP0613_080-119.indd 105 Ranked #2 on New Wine Brands of 2012 by Symphony IRI Group. 5/23/13 5:31 PM

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