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58 SAG-AFTRA | Winter 2021 | 58 SAG-AFTRA | Winter 2021 | THE 2020 SAG-AFTRA CONTRACTS INCLUDE MANY NEW RIGHTS FOR ACTORS SHOOTING NUDE OR SEMI-NUDE SCENES, SIMULATED SEX SCENES AND INTIMATE SCENES. HERE'S A HANDY RUNDOWN OF SOME OF THE PROTECTIONS NOW AFFORDED TO PERFORMERS. AUDITIONS In the Audition 1. Actual nudity in an audition is always prohibited. 2. Simulated sex in an audition is always prohibited. 3. Auditions for roles that require "nudity," might involve a modesty garment (pasties, G-string, equivalent underwear or swimsuit). Modesty garment auditions are limited to one final callback, with prior notice. 4. No cattle call general auditions are allowed that involve any kind of nudity or modesty garments. 5. Any footage taken during the final body viewing audition requires prior written consent, and the performer can request the destruction of this content once casting is over. 6. There is a ban on recording using personal phones and devices in auditions whenever nudity or simulated sex are involved. Before the Audition 1. Producers cannot have performers submit nude photographs or self-tapes as part of the audition process. 2. If nudity or simulated sex acts are expected of a role or there will be a modesty garment final audition, it has to be attached to the casting notice itself, if known by producer at the time of the notice. Otherwise, such notice must be provided "as soon as practicable." Once hired, the minimum notice and rider required for nudity or simulated sex scenes is 48 hours before call time. KNOW YOUR RIGHTS

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