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Page 58 of 121 | Winter 2021 | SAG-AFTRA 57 Union Creates Reporting App, Extends Outreach and Education espite a pandemic and a production shutdown, SAG-AFTRA's efforts to fight sexual harassment in the entertainment and media industry aren't slowing down. The brave women and men who have come forward to report misconduct — often confronting the industry's most powerful figures — have already changed the kind of behavior that is tolerated, and the union has been working to harness that momentum. SAG-AFTRA has created a code of conduct to prevent harassment and assault in the industry, put a stop to improper private meetings in hotel rooms and personal residences, and retrained the staff to provide support to members who report an incident or who need therapeutic resources. SAG-AFTRA continues to push on all fronts to enshrine additional enforceable protections for members, prevent opportunities for harassment, and educate members about their rights and how to report misconduct. Actors and SAG-AFTRA members Michelle Hurd and Kate Rigg have created Sex, Nudity and You, a rundown of some of the protections now afforded to performers shooting nude, semi-nude, simulated sex and intimate scenes. These best practices can be found at and on the following pages. "Creating this safety booklet was important to me because I wanted to find a way to empower our members when they're in vulnerable situations. We can't rely on the powers that be to take care of us, so now we need to take our safety into our own hands, and with knowledge there is power," said Hurd, who is a National Board member and a founding member of Time's Up New York. Another document, the Quick Guide for Scenes Involving Nudity and Simulated Sex, provides more details of the provisions and may also be found on the union's website. SAG-AFTRA is in the final development stage of an app that will allow members to report incidents of harassment and get referrals for therapeutic, legal and law enforcement assistance. The app, which will be available to all members soon, will also help identify serial offenders. SAG-AFTRA is continuing its partnership with intimacy coordinators, professionals who help performers and productions navigate highly sensitive scenes that feature nudity and simulated sex. Following up on the publication of Standards and Protocols for the Use of Intimacy Coordinators, SAG-AFTRA will be working with top intimacy coordinators on standards for training, qualification and vetting. The union's leadership has been working to empower the profession by speaking on panels and educating the industry about the importance of this emerging occupation. President Gabrielle Carteris and National Executive Director David White participated in one such event in early November, a livestreamed panel hosted by the American Film Market. The union leaders joined intimacy professionals for a discussion of how the profession is changing hyper-exposed work in film and TV. When it comes to changing an industry culture that has too long tolerated abuse, the union has no intention of slowing down. And every member can help by remaining vigilant, looking out for fellow members and reporting misconduct. Everyone deserves a safe workplace free of harassment, and together we can make that a reality. | Winter 2021 | SAG-AFTRA 57 SAG-AFTRA'S ANTI-HARASSMENT EFFORTS KICK INTO HIGH GEAR Turn the page for your own downloadable guide: KNOW YOUR RIGHTS: SEX, NUDITY AND YOU. Panelists from the American Film Market Navigating & Negotiating Intimacy on Set panel on Nov. 10. Clockwise, from upper left, Intimacy Professionals Association founder Amanda Blumenthal, SAG-AFTRA President Gabrielle Carteris, Euphoria Executive Director Jim Kleverweis, SAG-AFTRA National Executive Director and panel moderator David White, and Intimacy Directors International co-founder Alicia Rodis.

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