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116 SAG-AFTRA | Winter 2021 | Peter J. Michaels 3/30/20 Clark Middleton 10/4/20 Robyn Millan 7/14/20 Joy Minaai 6/7/19 Doreen Montalvo 10/17/20 Richard Joseph Morrow Jr. 3/13/20 Sam Mossler 10/27/20 Cortez Nance Jr. 8/6/20 Larry Lewis Newman 6/22/20 Dave Nicolson 11/29/20 Dennis Nollette 3/30/20 Rende Rae Norman 11/14/20 Michael O'Dwyer 10/10/20 Brian O'Halloran 6/29/20 Ernie Orsatti 9/12/20 Wendy Overly 10/13/20 Joan Pape 6/30/20 Evelyn Parke 10/19/19 Regis Philbin 7/24/20 Frank Pietri 3/26/20 Sam Porretta 9/9/20 Josette Prevost 8/15/20 Victoria Racimo 11/29/20 Tommy Rall 10/6/20 Sid Ramin 7/1/19 Jeffery Evans Ramsey 2/8/20 Jay Rasumny 11/10/20 Elsa Raven 11/2/20 Helen Reddy 9/29/20 Thomas E. Reed 7/20/20 Charlene Tosca Rees 10/2/20 Allan Rich 8/22/20 Diana Rigg 9/10/20 Doug Riley 6/14/20 Mike Riskas 4/1/20 Jack Ritschel 11/7/20 Connie Roderick 12/19/19 Maurice Roeves 7/14/20 Joe Ross 10/8/20 Jack Rudegeair 11/20/20 Marjie Rynearson 5/10/20 Rob Sanchez 9/24/20 Reni Santoni 8/1/20 George Sasaki 11/10/20 Maggie Savage 9/10/20 John Saxon 7/25/20 John Schofield 9/9/20 R. Ian Seeberg 8/21/20 William Severs 11/20/20 John Herman Shaner 10/6/20 David Sheehan 12/2/20 Dawn Sherwood 8/12/20 Margaret Silbar 8/21/20 Marcus Smythe 8/20/20 Baz Snider 4/26/20 Phyllis Somerville 7/16/20 Alice Spivak 11/9/20 Vito Squicciarini 6/1/20 RAFER JOHNSON, a former decathlete and Olympic medalist, actor, sports commentator and news broadcaster, passed away on Dec. 2 at the age of 86. As a decathlete, Johnson earned a silver medal in the 1956 Olympics Games, and then gold in the 1960 competition. That same year, he became the first African American recipient of the James E. Sullivan Award, which recognizes the country's most outstanding amateur athletes and was voted the 1960 Track& Field News World Athlete of the Year. Johnson joined SAG in 1959 (see photo above) and AFTRA in 1964. His credits include the TV series The Six Million Dollar Man and the film License to Kill. He was active in his union, serving on the national boards of SAG (1965 –1968) and AFTRA (1967–1973). Off-screen, Johnson worked on Sen. Robert F. Kennedy's presidential campaign and helped tackle Kennedy's assassin, Sirhan Sirhan, immediately after the attack. In addition, he co-founded the California Special Olympics in 1969, holding a competition for 900 individuals with intellectual disabilities at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum. Continues >

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