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114 SAG-AFTRA | Winter 2021 | Gloria Jones 9/26/20 Steve Kalarchian 5/18/20 Patti Karr 7/11/20 Valerie Kassel Jr. 9/28/20 Thom Keane Koutsoukos 7/26/20 Christian Kellogg 6/19/20 Tom E. Kennedy 10/7/20 Jahan Khalili 10/18/20 Irrfan Khan 4/29/20 Dave Knight 9/9/20 Dora Brenner Krakower 8/1/19 Mark Krenik 10/8/20 Tom Lacy 7/16/20 Stanley J. Landsman 7/18/20 Lucien Lanvin 6/12/20 Virginia Leith 11/4/19 Joan Lemmo 2/15/20 Danny Leone 9/1/20 Peter Licassi 8/20/20 Jordan Liddle 10/11/19 Gracia M. Littauer 10/28/20 Michael Lombard 8/13/20 Josephine Lombardo 7/14/20 David Long 4/14/20 Trini Lopez Jr. 8/11/20 Donald A. Lorack 7/1/20 Jack Lotz 4/17/20 Christopher Lowell 7/22/20 Brock Lumarque 7/21/20 Robert Lunny 3/19/20 John Macurdy 5/7/20 Steve Madaras 7/23/20 Brett Madden 9/19/20 Gonzalo Madurga 10/10/20 Wayne Mallory 10/11/20 David Mandel 8/26/20 Mary D. Mascari McDermott 9/19/20 Bruce F. Marovich 5/28/19 Charles Marr 9/29/20 Ethelmae Mason 4/3/20 John D. Mastres 5/26/20 Jacquie McClure 8/14/20 Derek McEntire 9/20/20 Armelia A. McQueen 10/3/20 A. Richard Meitin 9/29/20 Evelyn Metro 7/17/20 KENNETH BARRY, a local and national AFTRA and SAG leader and veteran, passed away Sept. 18 at age 90. Barry was a staunch supporter of the union in Texas throughout the 1980s, serving as president of the two unions' regional boards and as a member of their national boards. Barry graduated from Tulsa University in 1952 with a bachelor's degree in theater, and soon found work on Broadway in productions such as No Time for Sergeants, Caine Mutiny Court-Martial, Fragile Fox and Under the Yum Yum Tree. He also performed in numerous television shows, such as Playhouse 90 and Dallas, and movies, including Logan's Run, Future World and Guilty or Innocent. In addition to his acting accomplishments, Barry taught at Smith College and Emory University. He served in the U.S. Army Airborne in Korea and later in the 77th Special Forces. He also was part owner of several racehorses, owned two restaurants in Houston and co-founded the successful Executive Media Services. HELEN REDDY DIANA RIGG EDDIE VAN HALEN PHYLLIS SOMERVILLE DAVID SHEEHAN ALEX TREBEK Continues >

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