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108 SAG-AFTRA | Winter 2021 | MEL BOUDROT, a former National Board member of Screen Actors Guild and president of the New York Branch, passed away Oct. 29 at the age of 87. Boudrot, a resident of Englewood, New Jersey, had an unmistakable voice and audiences throughout the years became familiar with his deep timbre as the voice for Heineken, Lufthansa, Burger King, IBM, Dunkin' Donuts and more. Boudrot joined SAG in 1964 and AFTRA in 1966. He served on the SAG National Board for 11 years, from 1988 –99. During this time, he served terms as a 2nd and 4th vice president, and as the SAG New York Branch president from 1995–99. Throughout the '90s, Boudrot participated in more than two dozen SAG local and national committees, including Commercials Negotiating, Communications, Finance, Awards, Legislative and New Technologies. The actor was also a former SAG Foundation Board member, Actors Federal Credit Union trustee, proctor on the SAG-AFTRA Foundation Scholarship Committee and trustee for the SAG-AFTRA Motion Picture Player Welfare Fund up until his death. A mentor and friend to so many voiceover artists, his work on behalf of his fellow union members has shaped SAG-AFTRA for generations to come. * Please note: Due to publishing deadlines, notices that are received outside of these dates will be considered for future publication. Juanita Jabie Abercrombie 10/20/20 Eric Alderfer 5/30/20 Max L. Anderson 11/27/20 Ralph Anthony 8/10/20 Thomas Anthony 5/30/20 Cecelia Antoinette 5/28/20 Noby Arden 9/29/20 Carol Arthur 11/1/20 Sweet Pea Atkinson 5/5/20 Charles Bail 11/25/20 Richard H. Baker 6/15/20 Dick Balduzzi 1/27/20 Lenore E. Banks 6/17/20 Morton Banks 5/19/20 Kenneth Barry 9/18/20 Lee Beebout 11/17/20 Bert Belasco 11/8/20 Sheila Belkin 8/2/20 Warren Berlinger 12/2/20 Joshua L. Billings 3/25/20 Royana Black 7/14/20 Ward C. Boland 10/9/20 Leslie Borkin 9/4/20 Chadwick Boseman 8/28/20 Mel Boudrot 10/29/20 Coreen Bourke 2/25/20 Kenneth Boyd 10/24/20 John Braden 8/25/20 Bridget Brno 2/5/20 Bud Brodecki 7/14/19 Dennis Brown 8/22/20 Nell Burnside 8/3/20 Thomas Jefferson Byrd 10/3/20 Carlos Cantu 10/6/20 Kathleen Carlin 7/22/20 Chris Carnel 10/4/20 Ron Carrier 4/12/20 BERT BEL A SCO CHADWICK BOSEMAN BEN CROSS SEAN CONNERY THOM A S J. BYRD NOR M CROSBY We honor the memory of members whose deaths were reported to SAG-AFTRA between July 16, 2020, and Dec. 3, 2020. Continues >

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