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Fall 2020

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M OT I O N P I CTU R E S O U N D E D I TO R S I 79 AMPS AND MPSE The awards season is a time of excitement and reminds us how interconnected our industry is. The films and shows which win are frequently made in several parts of the world, and of course, as a primarily UK sound association, we are always that little bit extra proud when Bohemian Rhapsody, 1917, The Crown or Killing Eve wins at the highest level with our members picking up some of the trophies. But looking back at the nominees for the AMPS annual awards, there are as many nominees from the USA as the UK and we all clearly put the quality of work above anything. I was delighted when MPSE President Mark Lanza got in touch in 2019 to say he would be in London and suggested a joint AMPS/MPSE event. Stuart Morton MPSE who represents the international membership also deserves credit for fostering the links between us too. Reaching beyond the immediacy of our circles, and in this case, continents is a vital and energising thing to do. Watching the sound team from Mission: Impossible - Fallout talk about their work only reinforced what a global industry we work in and it was great to meet in person, something we took for granted at the time. I'm looking forward to joining up with MPSE on future events. CREDIT WHERE IT'S DUE That event eventually led to the collaboration between the AMPS, MPSE, and CAS for the Sound Credit Initiative. We will be launching the online petition for that initiative soon so that every sound professional can add their voice. To have all three of these guilds sharing the important goal of getting fair and appropriate credit for sound crew is a bold step in itself, but we will need to keep pushing this simple idea long term to see results. It's a huge anomaly that as sound people we are eligible for Oscar and BAFTA Awards, but don't get our names positioned anywhere near the other winners in the credits. There are historic reasons why sound has been under credited, but I can't help wondering if we need a boost of self-confidence. It's hard to have the confidence to say you want something more, to stand up and be counted amongst the competing efforts of the other departments on a film. We might feel we are Top: Rob Walker in the studio. Bottom: Mark Lanza MPSE with AMPS members Rob Walker, Anna Sulley, Adrian Sandu, and Daniel Simpson at the MPSE/AMPS Event in London, June 2019.

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