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Fall 2020

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M OT I O N P I CTU R E S O U N D E D I TO R S I 3 Letter from the President Letter from the Editor EIPMA I Bridging the Gap Contributors Health I Computer Vision Syndrome In Memoriam I Liz Tucker Dear Dialogue Detective Student Corner Past Presidents I Bobbi Banks Sync Sound I Read the Screen The Secrets of Foley Cueing Part 3 From the Vault of the Hollywood Sound Museum I The Story of The Wilhelm Scream DEPARTMENTS FEATURES CO N T E N TS I FA L L 2 0 2 0 How to Teach Future Sound Editors the Craft of Editing Riding the Waves of Commercials What's a Sync Block? The Stranger Things of the Virtual Emmys Mix Presents Sound for Film & TV International Sound Wave Radioactive Sound of Metal The Association of Motion Picture Sound 4 5 6 7 9 11 12 14 16 18 60 20 27 32 38 46 64 38 60 64 14 20

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