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ONLINE TOP TWEET @educationweek Many schools don't have the high-speed Internet connections needed to make full use of #edtech tools. WHAT'S NEW AT CTA.ORG MOST POPULAR FACEBOOK POSTS MAY IS ASIAN PACIFIC ISLANDER HERITAGE MONTH April 15 The immigration of the first Japanese to the U.S. in May 1843 was one of the milestones that led to May being dedicated as Asian Pacific Islander Heritage Month. 1075 likes 542 shares March 21 396 likes 125 shares MORE TOP TWEETS Julie Burgess | March 25 I am so fortunate to have had so many inspirational teachers in my life. I knew as far back as second grade that I wanted to teach. @MrsMieliwocki | April 18 If your shoulders are soft enough to be cried on and strong enough to hold the weight of your students' futures, you're ready to be a teacher! Jason Bronstein | March 26 I am proud to be a public school teacher in California and a CTA member! My husband is also a teacher and CTA member. Thank you, CTA, for supporting all members. FAVORITE COMMENTS @losangelista | April 18 This is on my mind quite a bit lately. Are we educating for capitalism or democracy? Julie Shipman | March 26 Proud to belong to CTA, which has been at the forefront of supporting equal rights for 150 years! CELEBRATE LABOR HISTORY IN MAY Thanks to legislation signed by Gov. Brown last year, May is Labor History Month. Celebrate our history, help reinvigorate the labor movement, and keep it strong. Carol Villeda | March 28 So proud of CTA for being the voice of TODAY. We are all equal and as such deserve equal rights. @John_Merrow | April 16 What did the billionaires know about cheating in DC schools, and when did they know it? @EricHeins | April 14 It's time for real #schooltransformation led by the professionals actually doing the job! FORMS AND DOCS AT YOUR FINGERTIPS Have you ever needed a form or document on the CTA website? Just log in using the orange box on the webpage and navigate to our Leadership page. VIRAL VIDEO Wealth Inequality in America: This easy-to-understand video on wealth inequality has been watched more than 5 million times. Search for "Wealth Inequality by politizane" May 2013 5

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