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Letters to the Editor LOOKING GOOD his morning, I received my digital copy of the special SAG Awards preview issue from SAGAFTRA. I am stunned at how fabulous this digital issue is ... in-depth articles, embedded content for nominees (which made me feel like I was watching living photos from Harry Potter) and so on. Kudos to the SAG-AFTRA Communications team — they should get an award of their own. Mary Agnes Shearon Washington-Mid Atlantic Local RESIDUALS WAIT he wait time for residuals to be processed and sent out seems to be taking so much longer than it used to — approximately three months. he standard time used to be about six weeks. In fact, six weeks used to be the stated policy. And it changed before the merger, so that can't be the reason. I really would like an explanation that makes sense and not the one given to me over the phone months ago that one of the check writing machines is broken. Because machines can be ixed. I mean really — three months? Does this bother anyone else? Michael Medeiros are always welcome from members. They must be signed with your full name and local affiliation and are limited to 150 words. Letters selected by the Editorial Subcommittee may be edited for accuracy, space and clarity. Every effort will be made to preserve the author's intended substance. This section is not available to sitting National Board members. SEND LETTERS TO: Letters to the Editor SAG-AFTRA Magazine 5757 Wilshire Boulevard, 7th Floor Los Angeles, CA 90036 Letters may also be faxed to (323) 549-6500 or emailed to 5A SAG-AFTRA | Spring 2013 | EDITORIAL STAFF Editor-in-Chief Pamela Greenwalt Managing Editor Damon Romine Associate Managing Editor Leslie Simmons Senior Graphic Designer Yvette Yousseia New York Local Ed. Note: Improved residual payment processing is a top priority for SAG-AFTRA. As you will read elsewhere in this issue, we are redistributing resources in an efort to better address this matter. Clariication: In the Winter 2013 story "SAG-AFTRA Members March to Fight Alzheimer's," the New York team was the irst to march on Oct. 21, and was led by co-chair and N.Y. Local Board member Carol Monda, who was joined by SAG-AFTRA New York leaders Anne Gartlan, Marc Baron and Richard Ferrone, and AEA President Nick Wyman. LETTERS TO THE EDITOR SAG-AFTRA ARE YOU GETTING SAG-AFTRA EMAILS? Your union communicates with members primarily through email and digital newsletters. If you are not receiving emails from us, go to right now and register online so you don't miss out on any of the happenings at your union. ACTION ITEMS Look for this symbol throughout the magazine to find out how you can take action. Senior Writer/Photographer Tom Leupold Advertising Coordinator Donna Reed (323) 549-6698 Editorial Subcommittee Susan Boyd Joyce (co-chair) Liz Zazzi (co-chair) Jef Austin Angela Bullock William Charlton (alternate) Cynthia Fox (alternate) Sam Freed (alternate) Ed Fry (alternate) Jason George Tom Kemp (alternate) Joan Kenley Joe Krebs Mary McDonald-Lewis Ned Vaughn Contributors Trish Avery, Richard Baldwin, Hope Barkan, Terrie Bjorklund, Jon Brockett, Roxanne Chaisson, Kim Davis, Shelley Figures, Marcia Fishman, Tom Flynn, Bernadine Goldberg, Melissa Goodman, Randall Himes, Deeann Hof, Ellen Huang, Noela Hueso, Nancy Kelly, Karen Lipney, Jennifer Lurey, Marina Martinez, Pamala Mijatov, Belinda Preno, Evangelina Nevarez, Caroline O'Connor, Victoria Pistone, Donna Reed, Josh Reese, Rosalind Jarrett Sepulveda, Meredith Snow, Herta Suarez, Stefanie Taub, Ron homas, Kristina Tunzi, Charli Wilson, Valerie Yaros

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