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46 I M PS E . O R G AARON HERNANDEZ'S MIND ERIC MARKS MPSE: We are joined by Jeremy Grody, supervising sound editor of Killer Inside: The Mind of Aaron Hernandez. The limited documentary series format on Netflix has been hugely popular, from Making a Murderer through Tiger King. Did any previous projects have an impact on your approach to this show? JEREMY GRODY: I have a different approach to documentaries than I do for feature films or narrative programs. For docs, most additive sound needs to closely approximate production sound, in that we are not going for "Hollywood" style sound effects. This is real life, we are telling real stories. Anything we add in should generally seem organic, so that no one would question that it's the original sound that came with the footage, even though in many cases it's not. Imagine yourself as a fly on the wall during an Aaron Hernandez courtroom scene—what would that sound like in 5.1 surround? Even though we are subtly adding in sounds (courtroom movement, light walla, occasional Foley), the goal is to recreate the environment so that The Sound of Will we ever truly understand the mind of Aaron Hernandez? BY ERIC MARKS MPSE

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