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36 I M PS E . O R G Vader Immortal: Episode 1, "Windfall" THE SOUND of VADER IMMORTAL: A Star Wars VR Series BY STEVE URBAN MPSE Vader Immortal is a single-player, episodic, narrative VR experience that delivers immersive cinematic storytelling with dramatic interactive play. The first three episodes of Vader Immortal pack a feature film's worth of narrative content into an interactive walk-through setting, alongside a virtual lightsaber dojo that allows players to train in the ways of the Jedi against waves of droids and creatures. It is the first Star Wars story designed for virtual reality and, as such, comes with high expectations on all fronts. Tackling the immersive sound work of this galactic VR venture was Kevin Bolen, interactive audio supervisor, Paul Stoughton, audio Standing in the middle of a vast chamber, a lightsaber crackles to life in my hands as a droid advances. With every flick of my wrist, the lightsaber reacts to my whims, humming and spitting pure mayhem as I counter the attacker. Standing in the middle of an office space in real life, the motion controller vibrates in my hand, telegraphing the impacts against the droid's side as I slice it in half. I feel my face grow into a smile against the underside of my VR headset as I hear the next attacker approach from behind me and I turn to face it.

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