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91 SAG-AFTRA | Spring 2020 | Jeremy Regan 7/4/13 Harold Reid 4/24/20 Billy Ray Reynolds 11/29/19 Edgar Reynolds 3/27/17 Michele Ribble 9/13/19 Ramona Richards 3/3/19 Brad D. Richmond 6/5/18 Don Riedel 3/8/19 Jerry Riley 9/8/19 Ruth Rivera 12/13/19 Dusty Rizzo 8/24/19 John J. Roberts 4/20/20 Lou Roberts 8/30/19 Jay Robertson 7/27/15 Wes Robinson 1/13/20 Carl Rochelle 5/20/17 Kenny Rogers 3/20/20 Tiny Ron 11/29/19 Thomas Andrew Routson 6/14/19 Michael Sacchetti 4/29/18 Paul Saltzberg 2/25/20 Barbara Sambol 4/10/19 Tim Sampson 7/7/19 Richard Scott Sarafian 12/5/18 Garret T. Sato 3/25/20 Jeraldine Saunders 2/26/19 Adam Schlesinger 4/1/20 Ed Schultz 3/5/20 Carol Schwartze 3/3/19 Casey Scott 12/20/18 Alan Roger Semok 10/27/19 Duke Serono 1/17/20 Douglas Seymore 12/20/19 Kelly Shapiro 1/13/20 Beverly Sharpe 1/26/20 Kim Shattuck 10/2/19 Tom Sheeter 1/7/20 Jack Sheldon 12/27/19 John Shelton 1/17/19 Sloane Shelton 9/17/15 Richmond Shepard 7/2/19 Will Shephard 12/01/2019 David B. Simmons 5/3/17 Leon Singer 1/30/20 Libby Skala 12/1/19 Howlett Smith 2/27/20 Mel Smith 1/30/20 Bernice M. Smith/King 1/30/20 Kent Smythe 2/16/20 Ron Southart 1/17/20 Ray Spinka 6/12/19 Caroll Spinney 12/8/19 Joan Staley 11/24/19 SHELLEY MORRISON KENNY ROGERS BILL WITHERS LYLE WAGGONER ADA M SCHLESINGER STUART WHITM AN DICK ARNOLD, best known for his appearances on Harry and the Hendersons, Pandora's Clock and Black Widow, passed away on Jan. 16 at the age of 91. Arnold joined both SAG and AFTRA in 1958 and worked as an actor and voiceover artist on numerous television, radio and theatrical productions throughout his career. However, he is best remembered by friends and colleagues as an individual dedicated to union service. From 1989 to 1993, he served as the president of the AFTRA Seattle Local and was a member on its national board for 15 years. He was also a member of the Screen Actors Guild Seattle Branch Council for decades and served on its national board for four years between 1997 and 2003. Following merger, Arnold was instrumental in the creation of the SAG-AFTRA Seattle Local constitution. In 2013, the local office dedicated its boardroom in his honor. In addition to his work locally, he served nationally on the National Agents Relations, Low-Budget, Ethnic Employment Opportunities, Conservatory and Senior Performers committees.

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