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> CREDITS editor���s note Top Ten to do list 1 Watch a video (page 5) 2 Decide who���s right (page 9) 3 See sleepyheads succeed (page 10) 4 Support due process and protect students (page 16) 5 Advocate for professional rights (page 17) 6 Brush up on Facebook etiquette (page 23) 7 Post a Day of the Teacher poster (page 24) 8 Gauge Smarter Balanced assessments (page 30) 9 Fight for new moms��� right to pump (page 33) 10 Understand Pope Francis��� Latin (page 42) Stand up and rise! That���s the motto of ���fth-grade teacher and UTLA member Veronica Marquez, who is featured as one of the 2013 California Teachers of the Year (page 14). In sharing teaching strategies, resources and links, she says, ���I rise above mandated policies and teach the child ��� not because test scores matter, but because students matter.��� Because students matter, some schools are starting the day later. What, you ask? Starting later improves student achievement? That���s what CTA members in Temecula, Belmont, East Palo Alto and Agoura Hills think when it comes to how teens learn (page 10). Your colleagues are doing amazing things to help students learn, like earning National Board Certi���cation to improve their skills (page 26) and sharing classroom management strategies (page 38) at CTA���s Good Teaching Conference. Perhaps most importantly, local leaders are negotiating professional teaching and learning conditions. The governor���s funding plan puts everything on the bargaining table (page 18). If you have a vision about what your classroom and school should look like, now is the time to share it with your bargaining team. CTA leaders and members are rising up to deal with policy issues. Read about new moms in San Ramon, Fremont and Anaheim who are ���ghting for their right to pump breast milk in private (page 33). More rights issues are explored as CTA supports legislation to streamline the dismissal process while protecting students (page 17) and at the same time ���ghting to prevent the gutting of your due process rights. CTA and CFT ���led papers in court asking to intervene in a lawsuit ��� that���s not something you see every day (page 16). In the fun department, members in Palm Springs, Menlo Park and Irvine share how Latin is making a comeback (page 42). I hope you���ll enjoy reading about CTA member and political pundit Larry Gerston (page 28), as well as several of your colleagues who were honored recently for protecting human rights (page 40). The fun department, which will be renamed when the redesign of your Educator magazine is complete, was suggested by members like you. Also see the colored tabs on the upper corner of the pages that tell you the topic of that section as you thumb through the magazine. Your letters indicate you want this magazine to be useful, fun, provocative and educational. Finally, for those of you who want another shot at the CTA Cartoon Caption Contest, see page 46. This time, one winner will get $100 in school supplies plus the original artwork, including their caption, by cartoonist Richard Crowson. Cynthia Menzel Editor in Chief 4 California Educator April 2013 EDITOR IN CHIEF STAFF WRITER CTA WEB EDITOR CTA WEB EDITOR EDITORIAL ASSISTANT WEB ASSISTANT Cynthia Menzel Sherry Posnick-Goodwin Karyn Ferrera Donhoff Tiffany Hasker Craig Hamilton Gladdie Cabral CTA ELECTED OFFICERS PRESIDENT VICE PRESIDENT SECRETARY-TREASURER Dean E. Vogel Eric C. Heins Mikki Cichocki-Semo BOARD OF DIRECTORS Jos�� Alcal��, Larry Allen, Gayle Bilek, E. Toby Boyd, Donald L. Bridge, Tyrone V. Cabell, Elana Davidson, Don Dawson, Dana Dillon, David Goldberg, Jim Groth, Terri Jackson, Leslie Littman, Marty G. Meeden, George Melendez, Theresa Monta��o, Mary Rose Ortega, Michael Stone, Kendall Vaught, KC Walsh, Curtis Washington EXECUTIVE DIRECTOR ASSOCIATE EXEC. DIRECTOR COMMUNICATIONS MANAGER Carolyn Doggett Rebecca Zoglman Jonathan Goldman CONTRIBUTORS Scott Buschman, Richard Crowson, Len Feldman, Bill Guy, Stephen R. Harris III, Dina Martin, Mike Myslinski, Jay Ortiz, Frank Wells EDITORIAL INFORMATION California Educator is published for the information and edification of CTA members. The editorial philosophy is governed by the policies of CTA. Articles and advertising reflect that philosophy. Letters to the editor may be sent to Publication of advertising in the California Educator does not indicate CTA approval of the product or of the companies that purchase advertising. For advertising rates and information, contact WebSolutions Media 5666 Spruce Harbor Court, Las Vegas, NV 89122 (702) 838-3434, CTA/NEA membership dues for the fiscal year, Sept. 1���Aug. 31, are $827, including a $20 voluntary contribution. Up to $18.45 of CTA annual dues is designated for CTA/ABC political activities to support state and local candidates and/or initiatives and is not deductible for income tax purposes. Subscription to the California Educator is $10 per year, available to persons or institutions not eligible for CTA/NEA membership. California Educator (ISSN 1091-6148) is published monthly except January, July and August by: CALIFORNIA TEACHERS ASSOCIATION 1705 Murchison Dr., Burlingame, CA 94010-4583 (650) 697-1400; FAX (650) 552-5002, Postmaster: Send change of address to California Educator, P.O. Box 4178, Burlingame, CA 94011-4178. Periodicals Postage Paid at Burlingame, CA, and additional mailing offices.

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